Bold: Seeing, Shooting, and Processing Color

with Ashley Westphal | Available for Immediate Download

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Ashley Westphal doesn’t only use color as an expression of style, but also as an expression of feeling. In this Breakout, Ashley shares how she uses color to convey emotion and style. She’ll show how she utitlizes location, color, and wardrobe her achieve her vision, and she’ll share images and examples to illustrate each concept. You’ll learn why color is an integral part of storytelling, even in portraits, how to achieve Ashley’s signature bright, bold, fearless style, and how to make strategic color decisions on the fly to enhance an image.


• How color contributes to Ashley’s style
• What role color plays in storytelling and conveying a message
• How to match locations to your subject’s wardrobe (and vice versa)
• How to train your eye to see color opportunity and challenges
• How to process images in photoshop for bright, bold, fearless color
• How to establish your own color style


Ashley is a bright, bold, fearless dreamer who believes passionately in the dreams of girls and women alike. She believes that women are strong, and that we occasionally need to be reminded of that. Photographing high school seniors in Atlanta, GA and helping female entrepreneurs define thier businesses has become a way for Ashley to creatively express one of her great passions–helping women not be afraid to do bright, bold, fearless things in pursuit of their dreams.


  • Amanda J says:

    This BO has been so informative & a lot fun so far. The material & videos are awesome. The color wheel is my new best friend & I’ve watched the videos several times while editing. Ashley is extremely energetic, positive & great at giving feedback on photos. I highly, highly recommend this BO for a new way to think about color in your photos!

  • Erin says:

    Ashley Westphal’s Bold breakout changed how I look at my own photography

    I have a hundred times over look at a picture and thought this is off. The outfit is adorable and the background is great, but it’s not conveying the things I want to say. It just didn’t feel right. Ashley’s breakout helped me fix that!
    I made quick work of Ashley’s pdf file. I loved how she didn’t waste a lot of time talking about herself and her journey (which is in The Road Less Travelled which I also love) She jumped right into the material.
    You I loved the color theory. I hadn’t realized what color can convey and how it can help me, but once she pointed it out, a light bulb went off. I had been doing it all wrong!
    And the Photo Shop stuff is really what I wanted to learn. I am a Lightroom girl and I get both through cc. It is on my goal list to learn how to use it and what she provides is a great start.
    I haven’t had the chance to use her actions yet, but seriously if they help my photos look anything like hers then I am in. That bright bold look is something I haven’t mastered. I am probably closer to a soft and fluffy photographer, but I need to push myself to achieve other things as well. To be strong enough to push outside of my box.
    What gets me the the most is her philosophy. All women are strong and should be shown as such. We often as mothers hide behind our cameras, we need to get in front of them and show our strengths. We need to teach our daughters to be strong.
    This breakout is also going to force me to join Instagram. I know, I know. What have I been waiting right!? I am excited to get started on the challenge. :)
    This doesn’t even include the videos and there is so much more in there!
    This breakout was absolutely worth every penny and how can you beat it for $25!? Plus there is an Instagram challenge with a chance to win a $25 gift card for The Clickin Moms store and a mentoring session if you buy it when it’s live. :)

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