Bringing Home the Story of the Beach: A Complete Guide to Beach Photography

with Marcie Reif | May 23-June 2

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Would you like to take beautiful images on the beach, preserving memories from fun-filled days? Join Marcie Reif in a Breakout that covers everything you need to know about photographing your family (or clients!) at the beach. From working with tricky beach light throughout the day to choosing settings and lenses appropriate for the conditions, Marcie will take you through everything you need to know to successfully capture a day at the beach. She gives you an inside look at how she interacts with children on the beach in her shooting videos, embracing a atmosphere that is both joyful and fun. Finally, you’ll see how Marcie polishes her images in the post-processing stage! Her editing videos are full of helpful tips and will guide you through how she adds a sky to her images, removes people and distractions to create clean finished products, and how she uses Lightroom to achieve her white balance and skin tones. Are you interested in capturing images in (and under!) the water? Marcie will also show you how she captures and edits those images! If you are looking to grow your skills and confidence shooting at the beach, this is what you have been waiting for!

Learn to use the light and settings to create beautiful images at the beach!


• How to shoot and edit several styles & genres on the beach, including: underwater photography, documentary, lifestyle, portraits, and macro
• How to shoot in all lighting conditions at any time of day: sunrise, full sun, cloudy, golden hour, and sunset
• A complete guide to all the lenses Marcie brings (and how she uses them)
• How to edit color and black and white images shot on the beach using Lightroom and Photoshop
• How to add a sky to enhance your images
• How to style and shop for your family and children for a beach trip
• How to use a Lensbaby lens at the beach and achieve tack-sharp images

Spend an evening on the beach with Marcie in her shooting video and then see how she edits her beautiful beach work!



Marcie Reif is a lifestyle family photographer based in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not photographing families and newborns in Atlanta, she is dreaming about her next trip to the beach. Marcie’s true love is capturing the lives of her children. Traveling to the beach and photographing her family has become her biggest joy. Her ideal setting is having toes in the sand, camera in hand, and the open shore to explore. As Moana says “see that line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me.”

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  • I live by the Mediterranean Sea so shooting at the beach is something I do fairly often. I was suprised by how much I learned with this BO anyway! Marcie is very generous in sharing her expertise and this Breakout is jam-packed with so many down-to-earth, practical tips! The PDF alone is wonderfully detailed and full of information… Not to mention the incredibly inspiring images! I can’t wait to shoot at the beach again and implement all the new ideas that are rushing in my head!

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