CMpro Breakout Sessions

CMpro Breakout Sessions are a unique and affordable opportunity to learn digital photography, processing, business and more directly from amazing professional photographers and highly skilled artists. A cross between a webinar and a workshop, each Breakout Session includes a downloadable set of materials (such as PDFs, videos, and/or actions or presets) as well as access to an interactive online forum to share and discuss the Breakout topic with other registered students. Over the course of the session, students may also submit their questions to a dropbox for the presenter. Toward the end of the Breakout term, those questions are gathered to form the basis of a one-on-one online interview with the presenter that is recorded and made available to all participants for download.  If you have purchased a Breakout session and you’d are having trouble accessing the materials, you can find them by following the directions on this pdf.   Here are just a few of our upcoming breakout sessions:

Lauren Sanderson’s approach to shooting client and personal work is greatly influenced by her surroundings— her vision for a session often starts when she chooses the location. In this Breakout, Lauren shares how she chooses and uses even the most ordinary location to create extraordinary images and galleries that are full of variety. She’ll show how her gear, camera, location, and perspective choices help her achieve her vision, and she’ll show inspiring instructional images to illustrate each concept. You’ll learn what to look for when scouting locations and you’ll explore with Lauren in a behind-the-scenes video to see how she chooses her locations, the decisions she makes based on her environment, and what she would have done differently. Finally, you’ll learn how Lauren edits her images to enhance or alter a location.

To learn more about Lauren, please visit her website.

This Breakout is now live! To learn more and sign up click here.

Photography requires the photographer to learn to really see the scene in front of them. Merely looking at the surface is not sufficient; art is made when quiet observation reveals details that are commonly unnoticed. What makes the subject special? Is there a detail that can be emphasized to communicate the unique beauty of the scene? How can the setting be quietly modified to increase the impact of the story or mood? In this breakout that examines a quiet, thoughtful approach to photography, Megan will discuss a variety of topics including how to work within the natural confines of a scene, shooting to create depth, establishing your camera as a natural extension of yourself, incorporating yourself into the scene and more.

To learn more about Megan, please visit her website.

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Do you want to create beautiful work that showcases luminous light and amazing backgrounds in your photographs? Learn to develop your own vision and personal style and marry the two to create jaw-dropping images. You don’t need a handful of top-notch secret locations. You don’t need to fly around the world photographing models or to travel to exotic destinations to create incredible photography. Learn to develop and strengthen your photographic vision by utilizing the environment and light around you to transform the mundane into magical by utilizing my secret, tried-and-true methods for finding buttery light and making the most of any location. With this break-out, you will learn my secrets to making an ugly, ordinary location transform into an enchanting backdrop for amazing portraiture by seeking out and learning to photograph gorgeous light.

To learn more about Krista, please visit her website.

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