CMpro Breakout Sessions

CMpro Breakout Sessions are a unique and affordable opportunity to learn digital photography, processing, business and more directly from amazing professional photographers and highly skilled artists. A cross between a webinar and a workshop, each Breakout Session includes a downloadable set of materials (such as PDFs, videos, and/or actions or presets) as well as access to an interactive online forum to share and discuss the Breakout topic with other registered students. Over the course of the session, students may also submit their questions to a dropbox for the presenter. Toward the end of the Breakout term, those questions are gathered to form the basis of a one-on-one online interview with the presenter that is recorded and made available to all participants for download.  If you have purchased a Breakout session and you’d are having trouble accessing the materials, you can find them by following the directions on this pdf.   Here are just a few of our upcoming breakout sessions:

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This Breakout will take you on an inspiring journey to help you find the simple beauty of everyday life. It is an in-depth look at capturing those real, meaningful moments, finding and using light to add emotion and depth to your images and why taking the time to photograph yourself with your loved ones is so important.

To learn more about Marie, please visit her website.

This Breakout is now live! Learn more and sign up here..

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Beth Wade is known for her classically stunning photography and for her ability to craft a dreamy, sensual and highly personal experience for every client. She weaves her artistic influences into her work, and she’ll share how she incorporates her love for other genres (including watercolor painting and digital art) into these sessions. Beth uses multiple light sources to craft her classic, dreamy images, and she shares how she uses both natural and studio lighting in her work while still maintaining a consistent feel to all of her images. Beth also shows you how she creates custom art by hand editing each photo and how she sets her work apart in a trendy world.

To learn more about Beth, please visit her website.

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Jessica Thomason is know for her ability to capture authentic, honest moments in her personal and client work. In this Breakout, she shares her approach to both in-home and on-location documentary sessions, walking you through her thought process when shooting for herself or for others. She also discusses techniques for achieving storytelling imagery that is both compelling and honest, and she explains why light isn’t everything.

To learn more about Jessica, please visit her website.

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The Emotional Artist is about creating an atmosphere for you and your subjects to connect on a deeper level. Candice teaches you how to bring out true emotion in your subject, showing you the techniques she uses on shoots and ways she creates art through just one stare. From posing to composition (and everything in between), you’ll learn how Candice creates connection in her images.

To learn more about Candice, please visit her website.