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Shooting 101: First Steps with a DSLR

Course Begins: September 29, 2014

Registration opens on August 14 (lifetime) and August 18 (regular and non-members).

Lifetime Member
Regular Member

First Steps with a DSLR is a 3 week beginner photography workshop designed to help new photographers move beyond auto mode and get the most out of their DSLRs. Students will learn basic concepts of composition and how to use natural light to their advantage. They will transition from shooting on the camera’s auto mode and simply pointing and clicking to shooting in semi-automatic modes (program mode, aperture priority mode, and shutter priority mode) and being a mindful photographer. Topics such as interacting with subjects, capturing the details, storytelling, and gaining inspiration will be covered. Students will gain knowledge and grow as photographers in a supportive and inspiring environment. It’s a great fit for anyone who just got a new camera, moms who want to learn to take better pictures of their children, or anyone getting started in photography.

course fee:
$225/person for full participation
$112/person for study along

Study-along members will have access to all materials and will be able to read the forum, see others’ assignments, but will not be able to post questions, conversation, or request critique on their assignments. Full Participation students will be able to do all of the above.

30 participants

Study along seats available.

For more information about our policies and workshop FAQ please click here.

If you need to know how to access the workshop, please follow the instructions on this PDF.

what we cover:

  • Pre-Assignment Week: camera basics
  • Week 1: basic composition and making the most of natural light
  • Week 2: understanding aperture, shooting in aperture priority mode, interacting with subjects
  • Week 3: understanding shutter speed, shooting in shutter priority mode, capturing everyday moments

what you get:

  • Weekly PDF lessons and assignments
  • Detailed, personalized guidance and critique from the instructor each week
  • Critique and feedback from teaching assistants
  • Opportunity for peer interaction

what you need:

Students must have a digital SLR camera (and its accompanying manual) and a prime (fixed aperture) lens (a 50 1.8 or 50 1.4 lens is strongly encouraged).

course instructor:

Amy Lucy Lockheart is a natural light photographer based in Minneapolis who specializes in children and families. She divides her time between being a mom, running her own photography business, working for Click magazine, and being a mentor and instructor at Clickin Moms. Amy has a special interest in teaching beginning photographers and inspiring others to explore their passion for photography.

Teaching Assistants: April Nienhuis, Jennifer Dell and Melissa Gibson.


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