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Shooting 201: Mastering Natural Light Indoors

Course Begins: November 3, 2014


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This course will empower photographers who have a solid grasp of working with their cameras in manual mode to learn how to see and utilize indoor light.  It will give participants the ability to become comfortable working with available light indoors and enable them to make lighting choices that best support their artistic vision.

course fee:
$300/person for full participation
$150/person for study-along

Study-along members will have access to all materials and will be able to read the forum, see others’ assignments, but will not be able to post questions, conversation, or request critique on their assignments. Full Participation students will be able to do all of the above.

30 participants

Study along seats available.

For more information about our policies and workshop FAQ please click here.

If you need to know how to access the workshop, please follow the instructions on this PDF.

what we cover:

  • Week 1: Types and Attributes of Light
  • Week 2: Considerations of Subject Placement
  • Week 3: Controlling Light
  • Week 4: Identifying “Good” Light

what you get:

  • Weekly lessons
  • Weekly assignments
  • Detailed, personalized guidance and critique from the instructor each week.
  • Critique from at least one TA each week.
  • Opportunities for peer interaction and critique

what you need: Participants should be comfortable shooting in manual mode and have a solid grasp of working with the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO.) A DSLR and a fixed aperture lens are required.

course instructor:

Megan Cieloha is a self-taught photographer who focuses on lifestyle and fine art photography. She is currently living in Northern California with her husband and 2 young boys. Megan’s portfolio is available here.

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