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Amy Lucy Lockheart is a natural-light photographer who resides just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. Amy prefers shooting outdoors and in her clients’ homes, where she feels that children and families can most easily relax and be themselves in front of the camera. A firm believer that capturing her children and being a mom is her most important job, Amy enjoys photographing and blogging about her three young children. Amy shoots with a Nikon D4 and a variety of prime lenses; her favorite lenses are her 35 and 85. She uses ACR and Photoshop CS5 to edit both color and black and white images. More of Amy’s work can be viewed by visiting www.amylucy.com.

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Email amy@amylucy.com to request online mentoring with Amy.

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  • Cathi says:

    Having an editing session with Amy was fabulous! She is so easy to talk to and was very efficient in her answers. She showed me quite a few tips that will make my editing so much better…and she did not make me feel rushed at all. If you are considering a mentoring session I would recommend it!

  • Jennifer S. says:

    I cannot say enough good things about my portfolio review. It was perfect! Amy is so sweet, so helpful and more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Talking to her was really easy and her approach really put you at ease. I also really appreciated that she focused on both the positives and negatives and why she felt as though this was the case. She made sure to point out what made images strong and why others didn’t work. When we talked about the areas that I was weak in and what I needed to work on, she made sure to give me guidance as to what I could do to improve in these areas. And scattered throughout our time were little nuggets of invaluable information to improve my work on a whole. I feel like I have a whole new drive and inspiration to improve and strive for the next level. If you are on the fence about choosing a mentor I can guarantee you will not be disappointed choosing Amy! I would love to work with her again in the future!

  • Jennifer Nobriga says:

    i was so very lucky to be able to hire amy to go over my portfolio with me. she was thorough and amazing. she went through every single image i had and gave me incredible feedback on each one!! it was awesome. she helped me to see things that i didn’t. i agree with the other reviews i read here in that she’s such a sweet, lovely person to work with. you won’t be disappointed if you book a session with her!!

  • Chavi says:

    If you are looking for a thorough portfolio review, I highly recommend Amy!
    I had about 125 photos in a set to be reviewed & she gave me thorough feedback on each image in just an hour & a half!
    She went through each image and pointed out details that I have never noticed even though I have stared at some of those images for hours.
    She also reviewed where my work is on a general level & what I should improve on. I felt that she was really on the mark with her critique.
    Aside from knowing which images needed to be re-edited, I really learned a new way to look at my images.
    Her critique was really helpful & to the point. You will not be disappointed!

  • Carrie Yuan says:

    I had a mentoring session with Amy a few weeks ago, and only now am getting around to writing this because I have been busy processing all that we talked about. I was pretty nervous to have a portfolio review, and I prepared for this for about 3 months to make sure Amy was evaluating my best work. First of all, Amy is very kind and friendly, yet SO FULL of knowledge. She provided very substantial constructive critique for all of the images in my portfolio in a manner that is warm and supportive yet challenges me to be a better photographer. The last thing you want in a mentor is someone who just gives you warm fuzzies without substance, and that is definitely not Amy. We also talked a bit about the business side, and she gave me some great advice. She asked me questions to try to get to know my personality and how I want to run my business, and used my answers to help me come up with some ideas that might work for me. Definitely not cookie-cutter advice. And she was also very generous in sharing her experience from her own business and what has worked/not worked for her. All in all, a super awesome experience, and I really hope to make this an annual investment in my photography journey.

  • I was super excited for my portfolio review with Amy and knew it would be a huge factor in my growth because I KNEW there were things wrong with my images but couldn’t really see them for myself. Amy was super sweet and got started right away. After our time on the phone, not only do I see now how I could improve my images but more than that, I feel like she instilled a sense of confidence in other things I was doing right so I can go into a session a little more confident and free up some brain to slow down and fix the thingsI was doing wrong. (Now I’m seeing those things EVERYWHERE I’m obsessed!!!) Being around such amazing talent in clickin moms can be a little intimidating and it was nice to know that there are some things I’m doing right as well. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I can’t wait to take all this information and grow!!! Amy rocks!

  • I am not quite sure where to begin except to say hit the “confirm mentoring” button now! I (like I’m sure many of you) have spent far too much on photography equipment, training, modules, break outs, webinars etc etc and quite often leave them thinking that I was duped again and leave swearing not to get drawn in next time by fancy images and the promise of growth. This mentoring session was completely different. To start, Amy took time before our session to learn more about me so we didn’t spend any of our time together getting to a baseline of where I am now. She was immensely knowledgeable about my work and had clearly spent time prepping for our session so her critique was relevant, thought out and helpful. She was not all “sunshine and roses” as I’ve so often got from others and offered honest critique with actual methods I can use to improve. She also was not critical. While I have pages of notes on what to do differently and better I never felt criticized. This is a very admirable and rare skill in someone offering critique as it’s a fine line to walk. I never felt defensive or defeated yet know where I’m going wrong and what to do to correct it. Amy absolutely wants me (and you) to succeed. She holds nothing back and answered all my questions openly. Ok, so if you still aren’t sure, all I have to say is that Amy emailed me the next day (at 5:30 a.m.!!) to give me an idea a/b something we had discussed. Just like a friend would, she just said “I was up early thinking about our conversation and have an idea for you . . . ” She’s also forwarded me some tutorials that she’s come across to help me with some topics I struggle with. Really?? Who does this? She didn’t just cross me off her list after our session and move on to her next client. Amy is one of the few real Mentors out there and not just a Trainer. Far too many people offer mentoring when it should be called training. There is an absolute difference and Amy is a Mentor.

  • I can not recommend a mentoring session with Amy highly enough! This was the very first “extracurricular” thing I had done through CM and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Amy was SO warm and friendly and it felt like I was talking through my images with a friend who had a great deal of photography knowledge. Amy’s approach to mentoring is a gentle, yet very thorough, one. After an hour of talking with Amy, I left with an understanding of what I was currently doing right and what I could begin focusing on in the future to improve my images even further. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and if you are on the fence about doing a mentoring session with her, please know that you will be thrilled at the end of it! She is an open book who makes you feel extremely comfortable with the entire process – again, I can’t recommend this more highly! Thank you, Amy!! :)

  • Had my website critique with Amy today- I HIGHLY recommend her. She literally went through every single one of my images- she gave some great critical advice in a very “teamwork” way. I felt like we were working together instead of having me and my work picked apart. She was so thorough some wonderful overall critiques about my work in general – the themes she saw, the amount of variety she felt was there and then got really specific. Really helpful and uplifting! She also helped me devise a game plan and browsed through my blog posts. If you are considering booking a mentorship with Amy I say DO IT!

  • Catherine Lubbat says:

    I was super hesitant to have a mentoring session, because I was nervous about what kind of critique I was going to receive. Let me tell you, if there was ever money well spent in my photography journey, having this mentoring session with Amy Lucy was totally worth ever penny. I felt like I was at a place where I didn’t know what to work on or how to improve. I was in a rut. Amy was so kind and offered some wonderful and constructive feedback to really give me an idea of where I stand and how to improve. She gave me some serious insight on what to look for when taking a great picture and how to achieve that. She saw things in my pictures that I didn’t even realize were there. She doesn’t just tell you every picture looks fantastic, or belittles what you do and make you feel like an amateur either. She is very thoughtful and is able to pick apart your picture and tell you WHY something looks good or what you could have done different to make a stronger impact with your image. Amy didn’t come to our session unprepared either. She looked at my portfolio before entering our session and it was clear that she had written notes on what we were going to cover because each picture that we went over, she had very useful points to go over. If you are hesitant on whether or not you should have a mentoring session with Amy, please believe me when I say that IT IS WORTH IT. I cannot brag about her enough because she gave me the little boost I needed in order to progress. I am so very thankful and I look forward to working with Amy again. She is also so funny and makes you feel right at home. There is no awkwardness, rather you feel like you are just speaking with an old friend. Oh and lastly, she gave me some awesome tips for helping skin tones in photoshop!

  • Julie Blum says:

    I was lucky to have a two-hour mentoring session with AmyLucy several weeks ago. I won’t lie – I was a little nervous before our call, but it was seriously so great and so helpful. I can’t recommend a mentoring session with her highly enough!

    I feel pretty strongly that I don’t want to be mentored by someone who’s going to be all puppies and rainbows with me – that doesn’t help me grow and learn at all. I have had critiques from “celebrity” photogs before and some have been way too effusive – and while I did learn a little, I wanted more substance. Amy gave me a perfect balance of honesty and “tough love” but also encouraged me and made me really excited about my path forward in this crazy photography journey.

    I came away from the session with pages and pages of notes that I am still working my way through. I am now in the process of rebranding and have taken Amy’s advice to heart as I have made decisions about how to move my business forward.

    If you’ve been hesitant to book a mentoring session, I just can’t tell you how awesome it is. Amy is just fantastic and I was so lucky to get to spend time with her.

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