All Bundled Up: Connected and Cozy Newborn Sessions

with Alicia Gould | Available for Immediate Download


When Alicia Gould thinks about newborns, the words tiny, pure, fresh and loved come to mind. Having just welcomed a new baby boy to her family, these words are at the forefront of Alicia’s mind and what she strives to capture for herself and for her clients. By wrapping the newborns she photographs, Alicia creates a warm and cozy environment which enhances the connection you feel to her images. Through a series of 7 shooting videos, you will learn how to create over 10 different wraps, set up a sibling session and pose a mom with her new baby. Learn how to create emotional images by engaging your viewer and strengthening your compositions.


• What to look for when choosing wraps
• How to set up with a bean bag
• How to set up without a bean bag
• Step by step instructions for over 15 different wraps
• Making the most out of each pose by creating a wrapping workflow
• Wraps that work for babies that are awake or sleeping
• How to capture sibling connections
• Creating flattering images of mom and baby
• Ways to strengthen your compositions to enhance the connection
• Tips for capturing your own newborn
• Creating actions in Photoshop
• Basic and advanced Photoshop tools



Alicia Gould
Alicia is a wife, mom, photographer, baby whisperer, engineer, daughter, sister and Jersey girl. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and came to New Jersey when she was adopted at two and has never left! She is supported by her college sweetheart husband, three beautiful children and two pugs. Alicia is an on-location, natural light photographer who opened the doors to Alicia Gould Photography in early 2008, just four months after the sudden loss of her best friend, her father. For over six years, she balanced a successful photography business with a full-time career and family. In 2013, she merged her passion for newborn photography with teaching by creating CMU’s Shooting 207: Newborn Photography workshop, and in 2014 she left the corporate world to focus on photography and teaching. Alicia’s newborn work has been featured around the world in over a dozen languages from the Daily Mail to My Modern Metropolis.


  • bobbie cohlan says:

    FABULOUS! Alicia provides a very extensive pdf including lots of photos and links to products. She also has numerous videos and shows you exactly how she wraps the baby and takes photos with mother and baby. There is so much information, all clearly explained…she also answers questions. Alicia is an amazing teacher. I recommend this class highly for both pro and hobbyists ( i am a grandmother, not pro ) Thank you Alicia for sharing your talents

  • Bonnie says:

    The instruction videos in this breakout are golden. Alicia keeps it simple, and poses perfectly highlight baby and mommy in their truest and most important forms. Who can’t use more instruction on wrapping? Again, Alicia’s technique is easily explained and demonstrated, and baby looks beautifully wrapped. Fantastic breakout!

  • This breakout is amazing!! I always swooned over the incredible wraps I would see other photographers do, but couldn’t “wrap” (hehe) my mind around how they did it. Thanks to Alicia’s amazing breakout, I feel like I’ve got it! Thank you, Alicia!!

  • Lauren says:

    For any photographer, new or seasoned, this break out is a must! I’m a newbie and within just a day of reading through this material, I noticed a massive improvement in my newborn photography. I still have a lot to learn, but I can not recommend this enough! I will be sure to keep this handy for every newborn session to come. Thanks Alicia!

  • Kit Mast says:

    I love All Bundled Up with Alicia Gould! What are you waiting for?? This breakout session is what I needed! Alicia has a true gift of photography and teaching others. This breakout session offers a variety of expertise with newborns and gives encouragement to all levels of photographers! It’s a must!

  • Lesley Peck says:

    What an amazing breakout session! I have to say, this breakout is worth it’s weight in gold. Alicia is so patient, encouraging, and her videos are so informational. She also includes a PDF which I found incredibly helpful for referencing. She really does make it look easy. I am so thankful I stumbled upon this because my newborns were in desperate need of help! So, Alicia, thank you so so much! And anyone considering this session should jump the gun, and just do it!

  • Lisa says:

    I’ve only made it through two videos and the pdf, but already watching Alicia’s workflow and reasoning has been eye opening. This breakout truly is jam packed with information- I’m much more comfortable wrapping newborns and have endless ideas for my own sessions! Thank you for sharing with us, Alicia!!

  • Cathy Haun says:

    I loved it all!!! Best 50 dollars I’ve spent!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

  • Kerie Griggs says:

    Alicia is so generous! She shares all her “secrets” in this breakout and answers all your questions, no matter how small or basic. I totally recommend this break out, there are tons of videos to show you exactly how to achieve some awesome wraps and she even shows you what to look for when buying wraps. I totally recommend this breakout!!!

  • Kelsie says:

    I am a lifestyle photographer that hasn’t done any wrapping and not much posing. This breakout not only has me wrapping at all my newborn sessions, it has given me more confidence that ever handling newborns. I would highly recommend this breakout to any newborn photographer. This will be my go to refresher before every newborn session. Thanks Alicia for sharing your wisdom!

  • Alicia is such a natural and makes this look so easy! I’ve only made it few part of the breakout, but I’m already obsessed and can’t wait for my next newborn to come in so I can try out all the things I’ve learned! Thank you Alicia!

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