11 Responses to "She is nine."

  1. Sarah_vaughn says:

    Ahhhh lovely! Beautiful Anne! Is it her birthday?

  2. Lisar says:

    she has a beautiful smile too! Lovely shot!

  3. Candy says:

    Very, very sweet! Happy birthday to your daughter! <3

  4. Anne Wick says:

    It was her bday on the 24th :) Thank you for your kind words everyone!

  5. Oh Anne, this is gorgeous, she’s gorgeous!

  6. JessicaN says:

    She is so so beautiful – hope she had the best birthday ever.

  7. kara_jb says:

    so, so pretty!! happy birthday to her.

  8. aww, i know she had a great birthday. <3

  9. adore this anne. she is one beautiful girl. hope you are enjoying summertime‚ô•

  10. So beautiful, Anne! Happy birthday to your sweet girl. <3

  11. Anne Wick says:

    Thank you all for your kind wishes! <3

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