7 Responses to "No, really, this was Sunday. In January"

  1. MeganJane says:

    Ohhhhh!! I LOVE it. I always get so drawn in to your work. I can’t believe you were swimming in January!

  2. Lexie says:

    Oh, how much I miss Florida, especially this time of year! This is beautiful, Lynne!!

  3. Lacey B. says:

    We have had some unusually warm weather in Texas as well. I just love seeing your work Lynne!

  4. Nowordz says:

    Such a wonderful and happy shot!

  5. bluella says:

    I adore this shot! And please stop making me crave summer!

  6. Genesis Bowen says:

    Love this shot! And, for the record, SO jealous!

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