8 Responses to "My little boy is growing up"

  1. mereditz says:

    That is a big boy expression! The light here on his collar bone and neck tendons (?) and the curve of his shoulder is so graceful and strong. And under his lip! And the burst of light behind him. Wherever you took this I’d take a million more. Just gorgeous. The face and stature of young, young man!

  2. bluella says:

    Wow Sarah…he is a handsome little guy! Love the lighting here and his intense gaze.

  3. this is all sorts of gorgeous, Sarah! <3

  4. bellamontana says:

    Gorgeous, Sarah. The sweetest face!

  5. Leah Cook says:

    so handsome! and that light!

  6. dellyh says:

    Beautiful light Sarah and such a serious expression.

  7. So handsome, Sarah, and such beautiful light!

  8. wow the light is incredible, love this one of your little man Sarah!

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