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Cascade no. 2

By |March 24th, 2017|


By |March 20th, 2017|


By |February 20th, 2017|

North Fork Dam

By |January 17th, 2017|

Fishing Stories

By |September 23rd, 2016|

Monolith no. 1

By |September 19th, 2016|

Glacier Bay

By |September 14th, 2016|

Pier Fishing

By |September 11th, 2016|

Ocean Living

By |September 9th, 2016|

Mormon Row

By |July 16th, 2016|

Colter Bay – Grand Teton Nat’l Park

By |July 6th, 2016|

Strength for Leo

By |June 7th, 2016|


By |March 31st, 2016|


By |March 1st, 2016|

It Begins with a Promise {Engaged}

By |February 8th, 2016|

Hanging Beads

By |February 5th, 2016|

Belly Rubs are the Best

By |January 22nd, 2016|

Fading Footsteps

By |January 18th, 2016|

Always reading

By |January 12th, 2016|


By |January 4th, 2016|

Uniquely Them

By |January 1st, 2016|

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