About Angee Manns

Central Missouri photographer, wife, and full time career mom to one tween boy. Animal lover, coffee addict, and designated memory keeper for family and friends. Visit Angee Manns online.

In His Workshop

By |April 27th, 2017|

Daily Chores

By |April 26th, 2017|

Sunset from Inside

By |April 25th, 2017|


By |April 24th, 2017|

Meet Rosie

By |April 22nd, 2017|

Red Winged Blackbird

By |April 21st, 2017|


By |April 20th, 2017|


By |April 19th, 2017|


By |April 18th, 2017|

Eatin’ it Up

By |April 17th, 2017|

Chicks on Antlers

By |April 16th, 2017|

Chicken Love

By |April 15th, 2017|

When Goats Go Fishing, Too

By |April 14th, 2017|

Nothing Like a Good Book

By |April 13th, 2017|

Watching the Fishermen

By |April 12th, 2017|

Sunset on the River

By |April 11th, 2017|

Quite the Dog Lover

By |April 10th, 2017|

Foggy Spring Sunrise

By |April 8th, 2017|

Tiny Masterpiece

By |April 7th, 2017|


By |April 6th, 2017|

Wild “Mountain” Goats

By |April 5th, 2017|

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