ClickPro Member Benefits

As you will soon discover, ClickPro is much more than a badge of recognition. The list of benefits and opportunities available to you as soon as you sign up outweighs most other professional programs. Beyond that, the potential for future opportunities such as speaking, teaching, access to our vendor network, features in CLICK magazine, and more is truly extraordinary. And in becoming a ClickPro, you also become part of a network of artists that will introduce you to a wealth of new peer relationships and friendships that will develop along the way.

Featured Benefit: the ClickPro Daily Project

The ClickPro Daily Project is almost always the first thing our new Pros sign up for. It is a great way for the world to see their images, but did you know that it is so much more than a collaborative blog? Posting on the DP offers up a myriad of opportunities that include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Features in CLICK magazine
  • Possible selection as the Daily of the Week 
  • Potential contact from vendors outside ClickPro (some of our ClickPros have had their DP images featured in articles, by greeting card companies, and picked up by stock agencies)
  • Features on the ClickPro, CLICK, and CM Facebook pages and Instagram
  • Participation in Group Projects
  • Consideration for the Canon Image of the Week
With over 20,000 unique viewers each month, posting on the DP allows our ClickPros to get their images in front of a broad audience, building their fan base as well as increasing their chance for bigger opportunities.
Ready for more? The following is a current list of the benefits and opportunities waiting for you right now!

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Participate in the ClickPro Daily Project and corresponding group projects
  • Access to a private ClickPro forum for professional networking, conversation, and artistic development
  • Full access to the general Clickin Moms forums
  • ClickPro Badge beneath your Member profile image
  • Personal Ask-a-Pro thread within our online community of over 16,000 photographers
  • Full page listing in the ClickPro Photographer directory
  • Complimentary subscription to Click

Additionally, members may be offered additional opportunities as a result of proposal, application, or submission. *

  • Earn significant income by presenting a ClickPro Breakout Session
  • ClickPro of the Month Feature, including promotion, blog interview, and paid teaching opportunity
  • Session feature in The CMpost, our weekly newsletter with a subscriber base of over 85,000
  • Have an image featured on our Facebook page (we have over 225,000 likes!)
  • Write an article for the CMblog and reach over 125,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Join our staff as a Mentor or CMU instructor.

*  Please note that selection for these opportunities is highly competitive.  While applying is a benefit of ClickPro that is not generally available to the broader membership, submission of an application or proposal does not guarantee selection.

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