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Tarah Sweeney
Tarah SweeneySPEAKER
Tarah Sweeney is a San Diego wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer. She is first and foremost a wife and mother to three little ones and spends her days with camera in hand documenting life’s big and little moments. Tarah’s workshop through Click Photo School will be launching in May and her e-book, “The Messy View,” is in the Click & Company store.



The Genuine View: Using Light and Connection to Instill New Life into Your Work

In this eye-opening talk, Tarah Sweeney will share the one secret that gave new life to her images and her work. She will discuss what changed her entire approach to photography and altered the course of her photography business forever. Pushing beyond the ambiguity of catchphrases like “personal authenticity,” she gives away the key to producing the connection and depth she had always wanted in her work but had been struggling to achieve. Tarah will provide tips and resources to get the moments you’re hoping to capture. She will share unedited images from a full session prior to culling, walk attendees through the way she develops a session set, and explain what is thrown out compared to what images are kept. Tarah will also process a few images on stage to demonstrate how to tie together the emotions captured in a photo with an edit that fits the moment to ultimately create a single, cohesive look.