Project Description



Lacey Ehrenkranz Monroe is an award winning fine art documentary photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. Her work has been shown in galleries across America. Lacey’s ongoing projects focus on themes such as family, place, and memory. She takes on a limited number of client commissions each year. She is also a co-founder of Sham of the Perfect, an online family photography collective. Lacey lives with her partner, their two small children, two dogs, and one grouchy cat. When not working on her computer, Lacey can be found enjoying the outdoors (particularly the Oregon coast), trying new restaurants with friends, binge watching TV shows, taking part in social justice activism, or snuggled up with a blanket and a good book.

Documentary Family Photography: Using Composition & Color Theory for Stronger Imagery


In this shooting demonstration class we will begin with a discussion about documentary photography and how it can be used when photographing families. From there we will talk about how composition plays such a strong part in documentary photography and how to use the compose and wait method of shooting which was developed by the world renowned National Geographic photographer, Sam Abell. We will also address how colors play a role in how a photo is viewed and how to use color theory to our advantage when photographing. From there I will demonstrate using the documentary approach with a family. The program will wrap up with attendees being able to photograph the family as well.

The class will include discussion, lots of opportunities for questions, a shooting demonstration, and attendee shooting.

Attendees should be comfortable shooting in manual. A 35mm lens or wider is recommended for documentary shooting.

Creativity Toolbox: Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Being a More Creative Photographer


In this panel discussion on creativity and the creative process, photographers Keziah Kelsey, Lacey Ehrenkranz Monroe, Twyla Jones, and Emma Wood divulge their artistic turning points, epiphanies, and best kept secrets for cultivating a powerful creative voice. Each panelist will reveal her go-to tips and tricks for incorporating more creativity into her own shooting and reveal how gear helped or hindered her as a creative. Moderator Caroline Jensen will also lead photographers through a powerfully honest discussion about tackling challenges, overcoming fears, and pushing the creative envelope. You’ll leave this program moved, changed, and empowered with new creativity tools that you can try at home. The panel will end with questions from the audience.