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Project Description



Kristin is a child and family photographer in California who loves to capture unique light and thoughtful images. She believes in the wonder of connection, laughter and love in everyone. A mother of two boys who can crack a joke with the best of them. Her style is clean, colorful and simple. A creative by nature, she isn’t afraid to try new things. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Be you. You will be so much happier in the long run.

Magic Light at the Beach


The sound and movement from the wind and the waves will be our inspiration for a golden hour shoot at the beach. We will discuss and explore subject placement in relation to the setting sun; learn how to creatively include lens flare, movement and atmosphere in our portraits; and play with silhouettes and shoot for a high key look. I will explain how I look for details that tell a story of place, including what elements to include that strengthen an image and elevate your vision.

Working with 1-2 models will allow us to explore how to include the environment and be creative with light. This will also allow me to slow down the process and let the attendees see what I see before getting the chance to shoot. The focus of this class is about playing with different perspectives, using the light to tell a story, and capturing the details. The model(s) will have a few stylized props on hand that we will include to enhance movement, texture and the light. Shooting at the beach can be tricky. This will be a class where we address the technical aspects of beach shooting, as much as finding creativity using the elements in the environment. I am passionate about shooting at the beach and ocean. This will be a fun and creative shoot where you will be encouraged to ask questions and try out your own ideas!

Students should have an understanding of shooting in manual mode.

Genuine, Happy and Honest Family Photography


My family shoots are fun, creative and full of laughter. I would love to share how you can make that happen too! I will share tips for posing and interacting with clients that help make them feel comfortable. I will discuss lens and aperture choice while outlining my general workflow for capturing true connections between subjects. We will discuss how to evaluate the environment and look for the best light when arriving at the location. We will cover greeting the family and getting to know them, including the best way to start a family session and make clients feel comfortable. We will discuss a few of the games that I like to play to get family members interacting and how to capture those in-between moments. Attendees will have the chance to shoot over my shoulder, as well as try out some of the tips and techniques that I will share. This would be a great class for anyone who is looking for new ideas to freshen up their family workflow, and those who want to learn how to take charge and control a session from start to finish.