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At Click Pro, we offer a comprehensive series of benefits for all our members. We know that Click Pro is hands down the best membership program out there. Not only do we offer all the following for $100 per year, we also have some of the strictest membership requirements. When you become a Click Pro, you join a group of exceptional image makers


The Daily Project is a place for collaboration, experimentation, and more. Founded in 2011, the Click Pro Daily Project was the industry’s first group photography blog and has brought together hundreds of female photographers. Participants are encouraged to post their camera settings for each photograph so that the project can become a source not only of inspiring photographs for viewers, but also an educational resource.

Many of our Click Pros have had their DP images featured in articles, by greeting card companies, and picked up by stock agencies. Check out some of the other benefits that are part of the Daily Project:


Daily of the Week

Each week one image from the Daily Project is selected as the Daily of the Week. This image receives a special badge, is featured on the Clickin Moms home page, the Click blog, the Click site, on social media, and more.


DP Group Projects

Collaborative projects within the larger Daily Project, Group Projects offer our Click Pros the chance to work with like minded image makers and push the boundaries of their creative and technical abilities.


Feature Opportunities

The Daily Project is our go-to source when looking for images to feature in Click Magazine. Your image may also be selected for The Daily of the Week and features on our social channels.


January February 2017 issue of Click Magazine


All Click Pros receive a complimentary full year subscription to our beautiful bimonthly magazine for the modern photographer. Subscription includes six digital and print (domestic delivery only) issues.


The Talent Network offers Click Pros opportunities for a variety of features, sponsorships, and more. Click & Company, as well as vendor partners, use the database to find Pros they wish to work wish. Vendors know that Click Pros are the best of the best and the database is an easy way for them to find you. Think of it as a fast track to building new relationships.


Each month, we select a Click Pro to feature as our Pro of the Month.  She is given the opportunity to present a Breakout Session through Click Photo School, giving her significant financial and exposure opportunities.

In addition, all Click Pros are encourage to submit Breakout and Workshop ideas to Click Photo School.


Click Pros and those officially sponsored by lens manufacturers are the exclusive contributors invited to showcase their work in our inspiring Images by Lens collaborative photographer resource.


Full membership to the Clickin Moms forums, including a private Click Pro only forum. Many of our Click Pros first joined the Clickin Moms community to learn how to make better pictures, and the entire CM family celebrates their journey to Click Pros.

Our Click Pros are looked to as leaders of the community. And while there is no obligation to share, many of our Click Pros choose to give back to the larger community by offering tutorials, image critiques, business advice, and generally sharing where they can.


Consumers and photographers increasingly seek out the superior work of Click Pro photographers when booking their sessions, and all Click Pros are invited for inclusion in this public directory.


Everything you want/need to know about Click Pro, including how to submit your images for features, how to submit a proposal to Click Photo School and more.

Your comprehensive, step-by-step Member Guide walks you through every aspect of your Click Pro membership.

You will also find details on the Click Pro affiliate program, articles on maximizing your SEO, as well as your Click Pro Exclusives.


Additionally, members are also offered the following opportunities:

  • Click Pro of the Month Feature, including promotion, blog interview, and paid teaching opportunity
  • Image shares on the Click Magazine Facebook page and Instagram feed with a combined follower base of more than 70,000.
  • Clickin Moms Mentor Selection (by invitation)