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Click Pro Daily Project

Collaborate in group projects, share images for potential feature in Click Magazine or Click & Company social media, and showcase work in front of vendors, peers, and fans.
Presented by Canon.

Click Magazine Subscription

Receive a full year subscription to our beautiful bimonthly magazine for the modern photographer. Subscription includes six digital and print (domestic delivery only) issues.

Click Pro Talent Network

Submit your profile to the private database utilized by Click & Company and vendor partners for commissioned and collaborative educational, promotional, and sponsorship opportunities.

Images by Lens

Click Pros and those officially sponsored by lens manufacturers are the exclusive contributors invited to showcase their work in our inspiring Images by Lens collaborative photographer resource.
New in 2016

Click Pro Member Badge

Less than 30% of applicants are invited to Click Pro, making this one of the most rigorous evaluations in the industry. Set yourself apart by displaying your member badge on your website and promotional materials.

Click Pro Private Forum

Professional networking, conversation, and artistic development discussions and challenges with fellow Click Pros.
Hosted through Clickin Moms.

Clickin Moms Membership

Enjoy a complimentary one year membership to Clickin Moms, where you’ll enjoy sharing your photography and insights with other passionate photographers, monthly member downloads, and vendor exclusive discounts.

Click Pro Photographer Directory

Consumers and photographers increasingly seek out the superior work of Click Pro photographers when booking their sessions, and all Click Pros are invited for inclusion in this public directory.

Click Pro is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists.

Our members’ work spans all genres, including newborn & maternity photography, weddings, children & families, seniors, fine art, and more. Membership to Click Pro is application based, and invitation is extended on the basis of an applicant’s portfolio evaluation.


Why Click Pro?

Click Pro is much more than a badge of recognition. The list of benefits immediately available to members is unprecedented among industry professional organizations. Click Pros also enjoy primary consideration for high-profile feature, speaking, promotional, teaching and other collaborative opportunities through Click & Company and with our vendor partners. And in becoming a ClickPro, you also become part of a network of artists that will introduce you to a wealth of new peer relationships and friendships that will develop along the way.

Who should apply for Click Pro?

We firmly believe that the mark of professionalism is defined not by a business license but by mastery of the craft. With that in mind, admission to ClickPro is based strictly on a portfolio evaluation, and both professional photographers and those pursuing their artistic passion independently are invited to apply.

How much does Click Pro cost?

Prospective Click Pros pay a non refundable fee of $50 pre application. Membership fees are $100 per year.*

* Clickin Moms Lifetime Members receive a $50 annual discount

What kind of images should I include in my application portfolio?

Your portfolio should represent the best of what you do as a photographer. As such, we don’t have any requirements surrounding the genres you work in or the techniques you demonstrate. Some of our pros shoot senior portrait sessions, while others focus on personal documentary work, and still others are fine art or landscape specialists. Similarly, some shoot only film, while others shoot exclusively in black & white. Show us who YOU are as an artist, whatever that means to you.


What is the basis for the portfolio evaluation?

Three panelists from among our review board thoroughly evaluate each applicant’s website or collection-based portfolio using on a seven part evaluation rubric. The panelists’ individual scores, together with that of the CMpro Director, are averaged to determine the application outcome. An overall average of 32+ points (out of a possible 42) is required for admission.

The portfolio rubric considers mastery of the following factors on a scale of 1-6:
Exposure Triangle
Color and White Balance
Use of Light
Composition and Posing
Processing Cohesion and Polish
Technical Basics
Creativity, Expression and Intention

Who is on the Click Pro evaluation panel?

Our panelists have all undergone a rigorous vetting process. This process includes, but is not limited to, an evaluation of the work via same ClickPro rubric, and a series of conversations that indicate the technical and creative expertise of each applicant. In addition, each one of our panelists is an active photographer who consistently produces high quality work. Our panelists know how to make images in manual, are masters of exposure, use of light and composition, and have the visual literacy to view images with an objective eye. The Director of Click Pro also scores every application submitted.


Can I submit my application anonymously for the purposes of the portfolio review?

Scoring panelists never see your name or email address and only see the portfolio link that you provide to us. If anonymity is important to you, you are welcome to set up an anonymous Flickr gallery or other photo sharing account and use that as your submission link.


My application was declined. Can I apply again?

Photographers may apply no more than once every 90 days. A $50 fee is required for each application submitted.


My membership expired (or I was invited but never signed up). Do I have to reapply?

Prior members or candidates invited to Click Pro are welcome to subscribe to Click Pro anytime within 6 months of having held an active membership or invitation. A lapse in membership of 6 months or more, or a failure to join ClickPro within 6 months of acceptance, will require reapplication to the program.

For in-depth information on the application process, view our Preapplication Guide here.

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