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8 Seriously creative ways to infuse your everyday images with humor

I am primarily a documentary photographer with a passion for capturing daily life with my husband, two crazy boys, and starved-for-attention dogs. I have always had a passion for shooting the mundane in new and interesting ways. The heart of [...]

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4 Smart ways clients can help you improve your photography business

As photographers, we talk about sending out pre-session questionnaires and preparing our clients before their sessions. But what about after the session is complete and the photos are delivered? How many of us actually follow up with our clients to [...]

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How I edit newborn skin for a perfectly natural look every time

Every single parent who walks into my photography studio is completely enamored with their newborn. As the mother of three kids myself, I can attest to the fact that all babies are perfect just the way they are. So, as [...]

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A pro’s guide to prepping your digital images to print (and sell!) beautifully

I print many of my digital photos and display them all over my home and office. I highly encourage my photography clients to print their photos as well. However, as a part-time photographer who works full-time in a different profession, [...]

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How to create artistic selfies from above using your smartphone

I've always been drawn to documenting the simple moments and everyday routines. So, as part of my day-in-the-life project, I thought it would be fun to give my family a peek into what goes on inside our home while they [...]

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5 Ways to add a touch of magic to your indoor holiday photos

The holiday season is such a special time of year. Thousands of glimmering bulbs light up the streets, there's cheerful music everywhere, kids are excited about presents from Santa and parents are filled with joy (assuming Christmas shopping is done [...]

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From above: Everything you need to know about drone photography

There’s something so breathtaking about seeing our planet from a bird’s eye view. And no one gives us a better glimpse of that brilliant view than California-based aerial and landscape photographer Ryan Longnecker. We were lucky enough to chat with [...]

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Why it works: What makes a great photo

As visual artists, we can be captivated by works of other photographers. We know when an image resonates with us personally. We can probably talk about the feelings an image evokes and the personal experiences it calls to mind. But [...]

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Pro Secrets: The 24 best photo & video tips for your trip to Disney

Feature photo by Bethney Backhaus There’s a reason people describe it as the most magical place on earth. For many of us, visiting a Disney theme park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll want your photos to reflect the magic you [...]

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11 Photographer-approved kids’ pajamas for holiday photo sessions

Feature photo by Celia Sloan. Little girl's pajamas are from Hanna Andersson The holidays are filled with color casts (hello, red and green!), opportunities for blown highlights (so. much. white.), and challenging indoor low-light situations. Top that off with the [...]

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The perfect mini session flow: How to create photo magic in just 20 minutes

Mini sessions are a great way to squeeze multiple client sessions into a short period of time. While this can be profitable when done correctly, it can also be really stressful! My trick to keeping things running smoothly is to [...]

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4 Genius ways photographers can sell more prints and wall art

As a pro photographer, I'm insanely passionate about seeing my work hanging in my clients' homes. We're living in a digital age where it's so easy to forget the origins of our profession and our ultimate goal — creating beautiful photographs [...]

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3 Black-and-white secrets every photographer should know

Stripping away the color from an image reveals its heart. Black and white photography is more than a quick conversion when light or colors aren’t ideal, it is an art in its own right. When you remove color from an [...]

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What to wear: 26 Style tips to help anyone look amazing in photos

Photo by Jamie Rubeis Let's admit it. Choosing what to wear for photos can be super stressful! It's enough to make anyone crazy, even photographers. But finding that perfect outfit (or family of outfits!) is easier with a little bit [...]

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Target for photographers: 15 Photo-related excuses to shop your favorite store

That’s right, we are going to talk about every photographer's favorite shopping oasis. The place we all run to claiming, "we just need toothpaste," knowing full well we will walk out two hours later with a cart full of items [...]

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Want to get your book published? 8 Real-world tips for photographers

Do you have an idea for a photography book you'd like to publish but don’t know where to start? Photographers Kate T. Parker, Victoria Will and Stephanie Rausser share their first-hand accounts of how they navigated the challenging world of [...]

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5 Steps to building a successful wedding photography business

A landscape photographer photographed my wedding. It was a sweet gift from a kind friend of the family, and I appreciate having great photos that document my big day. But, I don't swoon over those images. This taught me that [...]

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Photo studio makeover: How to transform an ugly space into a showstopper

My last photography studio was in a hip, up-and-coming part of the city that suddenly became the newest place in town to renovate due to a big development project. The quiet cigar factory turned artist colony was purchased for a [...]

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