So you want to start a photography business?

Oh, the excitement I felt when my husband, Jeff, and I began to imagine starting a photography business. I was a new mom and we were living in our tiny mobile home. Those days spent holding our crying, teething [...]

5 helpful tips for taking better self portraits

If you asked me what I specialize in, I’d say self-portraiture. It’s not a common specialty, to be sure. It’s just that throughout my journey in photography, I’ve been in college or working full-time as an engineer and other subjects [...]

How to photograph boys: Toddlers, kids, and teens

Facing a male of any age for a photo session can be a bit like wrestling a giant. Whether you’re wrangling a little guy climbing trees or waiting on a teen busy checking his phone, these often contrary subjects are [...]

9 things to keep you busy and inspired during the slow season

In the family photography world, the first three months of the year are commonly and sometimes not-so-affectionately referred to as “slow season.” I’ve always thought this a misnomer, as there’s always something to do when you’re running a business. Slow [...]

The power of printing your photography

We live in a digital age, and digital files are becoming the norm in clients’ product requests. Because clients think digital images are what they truly need and want, photographers feel increasingly obligated to sell them. A few experiences over [...]

A yearly recap: The 10 most popular articles from 2016

It's been a busy but wonderful year here at Click. We've met new artists, worked with old friends, and celebrated four years of our print magazine for the modern photograp[her]. There have been many inspiring and informative articles published on [...]

2 exercises to seek and develop your unique point of view

Have I seen something like this before? How much did it influence my vision? Am I presenting my own voice, or is my work derivative? If there’s nothing new under the sun, how can I have something original to say? [...]

29 food Instagrammers who will have you reaching for your stretchy pants

We love food. Cake. Comforting soup. Cake. Hot delicious drinks. Cake. Fresh-baked bread. Cake. What we also love is following the fabulous chefs and food photographers scattered around the web. Our absolute favorite place to follow them is on Instagram [...]

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