Birth photography is quickly becoming a sought after service in the industry, and for good reason. To be able to revisit the moment you first laid eyes on your baby is something that should be considered just as paramount and treasured as your wedding day.

Yes, there are smart phones and iPads and cropped sensor cameras that many parents own that will do the job, but having a professional comes with its advantages. As a birth photographer and mother, I can tell you that having an outsider’s perspective is something incredibly wonderful. As a mother, you miss things. There are so many things you forget during the moments of labor or events that you simply miss. As a father, you have to find a balance between supporting a laboring mom and capturing photographs of your new child, all while trying to enjoy the moment.

As the photographer, you are documenting one of the most miraculous moments in your clients’ lives, and the stakes are high. There is a bit of an adrenaline rush: making it to the hospital before a baby comes out, trying to make sure you get the good shots that will later bring tears and smiles to mom’s face, battling low and unsavory lighting in hospitals, dark rooms at home births, or a team of medical staff in an OR during a c-section are all things you have to be ready for and know how to deal with at a moments notice.

While birth photography can be challenging, especially because you have to be on call and ready to go, the rewards are large. Experiencing a birth is unlike any other photo session you will ever take on. It is truly a unique and special moment.