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Leslie Kershaw’s gift for the fine art of family photography

You know how you feel mid-vacation, when you’re sun-warmed, relaxed at last, and happy to just be with your family? For a remarkable reminder, spend just a few minutes on Leslie Kershaw’s gorgeous, highly navigable website. That feeling is powerfully conveyed [...]

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BenQ SW320 Monitor: Quality & functionality come together beautifully

Featured Product: BenQ SW320 Monitor Click Pro: Mickie DeVries What were your first impressions? The BenQ SW320 monitor is huge! I couldn’t wait to get it hooked up to see my images on the 31.5-inch screen. It was very easy [...]

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Miller’s Softcover Signature Book: They do not disappoint

CLICK PROS TEST THE LATEST PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS. Featured Product: Miller’s Softcover Signature Book Click Pro: Kellie Bieser, Shutter & Glass Photography I have a confession to make. I am addicted to printing photographs. Maybe it’s because I have fond memories [...]

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