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Miller’s Softcover Signature Book: They do not disappoint

CLICK PROS TEST THE LATEST PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS. Featured Product: Miller’s Softcover Signature Book Click Pro: Kellie Bieser, Shutter & Glass Photography I have a confession to make. I am addicted to printing photographs. Maybe it’s because I have fond memories [...]

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Inspiring space: The light-filled photography studio of Stevie Cruz

Stevie Cruz could be described aptly as a one-woman powerhouse who followed her dreams and found unbridled success. What started out as a simple goal to take photos of her own children worth hanging on the walls of her home [...]

A yearly recap: The 10 most popular articles from 2016

It's been a busy but wonderful year here at Click. We've met new artists, worked with old friends, and celebrated four years of our print magazine for the modern photograp[her]. There have been many inspiring and informative articles published on [...]