We see it asked on the Clickin Moms photography forum all the time – which website should I get?  There are many great options available but the suggestion of ProPhoto comes up each and every time.  While it can be overwhelming to learn a new system we have the perfect solution for the new (and old) wordpress and ProPhoto users, Courtney Keim‘s Business 101: Hands-On WordPress Clinic!  Today on our photography blog we have previous student Czarina Nocon of Purple Sheep Photography here to answer a few questions about the course for you!

purplesheep website after online wordpress workshop

What drew you to this business workshop and why did you originally sign up for the course?

I want to have a professional looking website for my photography business. I’ve had a ProPhoto blog for a while before I signed up for the workshop and I had a separate blog and a welcome page. I tried designing it on my own but the design itself looked overwhelming and didn’t speak my personality. I also tried so hard to make it match my welcome site.  Then I saw Courtney’s workshop and without hesitation, I signed up right away. I love Courtney’s minimalistic approach on her designs so I knew that taking this course would help me achieve what I wanted my website to look like.

What was your most challenging/intimidating experience designing a ProPhoto blog on your own before taking the course?

There were actually a couple of things – deciding what layout I wanted, choosing which template to start with, trying to figure out which items can be customized, and creating it on my own with no help or feedback from another person. Okay, so basically the the whole thing was a challenge!

Taking the workshop made it so easy to customize everything that I wanted. The materials included in this workshop is invaluable. It has all the information you need to get your website up and running with your own brand!

My main focus was to have a professional looking website with a cohesive design and brand that is me. Courtney and her team of workshop assistants helped tremendously on achieving that goal from layout to color schemes as well as the techinical aspect such as beginner SEO to integration of social networking.

Do you feel more confident now on how your website looks?

Definitely! Compared to my previous design, I believe that my website now looks more professional. It flows seamlessly from the welcome site to the blog. It is more user friendly than what it was prior to the workshop.

Why did you choose full participation over study along? Do you think that was beneficial?

I knew that I wanted to take the full participation right off the bat when I saw this course being offered by CM. Creating the site on my own the first time around I contacted ProPhoto and my webhost all the time to ask questions on how to make things work.  I knew that I would have questions along the way that I wanted help on. I didn’t want to take the chance of starting this project and then get stuck in the middle and not able move on because no one could help me. I needed the guidance and expertise of the mentors for this workshop, not just the materials. Plus, I wanted feedback on my completed website. I wanted to know what works and what doesn’t work and why.

Thank you Czarina for the interview!  Make sure you head over to Czarina’s website to see how awesome it is.  And here’s a few before and after’s for you:

Before the wordpress workshop:

ProPhoto blog before Clickin Moms' online wordpress workshop

After the wordpress workshop:

ProPhoto blog after Clickin Moms' online wordpress workshop

Are you interested in taking Courtney’s incredible online wordpress workshop for prophoto?  Class starts Monday November 12th and registration is now open to everyone so hurry on over and grab a seat here before they’re all sold out!  Have you already taken this class?  We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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