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Jade Wills

by Jade Wills

how to make your website sizzle by Jade Wills

Want your online portfolio or website to SIZZLE? First, we suggest starting with a professional website template. You can easily customize templates by tweaking and stylizing the design options. You can get creative with colors and logo placement to further personalize your site.

It’s Very Important To Keep Your Websites Aesthetics SIMPLE And Clean

Keep your color scheme and fonts consistent and be sure to make your images the focal point. As an online portfolio of your work, your photos are the most important elements of the site and should therefore be emphasized the most.


To create a strong logo, it is important to consider how you want clients to respond. When clients view the logo, they will quickly decide your professionalism, creativity and style. A hum drum logo that looks like all the other photography logos will give the impression you lack creativity. Apply the logo to watermarks on your photos, contact pages, and even on business cards.  A strong logo is a powerful marketing tool.

Contact Info

Consider including your contact information on every page. Make sure it is easy for your viewers to get in touch with minimal effort. This will save them time.

Show Your Strongest Work

You should always be very selective with what you show your audience; less is more and quality trumps quantity.  First impressions are the biggest, so you need to make the first visual contact really count. Make your homepage a showcase of your very BEST images, start with your best and end with something even better.

BIGGER Is Better In This Case

There is nothing more disappointing than viewing a photography website with small lackluster images.  USE YOUR SPACE (check your resolution and don’t stretch)! Fill the page with an amazing image that grabs the audience and lures them in for more. Bigger is better in this case to get the job done!

Now your website will sizzle from beginning to end! Just remember the SSB (Simple, Strong and BIG)!

Jade WillsJade Wills, Panama
Website Designer
Jade, her husband and 2 year old daughter live in Panama, Central America. Jade has worked in the photography industry for over 15 years and now enjoys working from home, writing and marketing for photography related businesses.


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