Inspiration comes in many forms, even garbage.

Have you exhausted all the shooting possibilities in and around your home?

Are you feeling uninspired? Are you looking to push yourself creatively?

I realize that many people will wince or roll their eyes when I recommend shooting garbage. I know I probably would have prior to capturing “garbage” quite accidentally. It forced me to think about art in a whole new way – and it also has been a very enjoyable experience!

Inspiration from this unlikely source began when my teenagers tossed their dirty dishes into the sink rather than placing them in the dishwasher. As I gave them the mom stare to take care of their dishes, I noticed how the light was streaming in and onto the dishes.

I picked up my camera and took a few frames of a fork lying in dirty sink water on a sheet pan. This image remains one of my favorites to date.


Not only does this help push you creatively, but also it has become very therapeutic. Slowing down and noticing the unsung beauty around you can expand your possibilities.

As the tulips dropped their last petals and were ready to be thrown away, I noticed how they had settled on the table and looked as though they were free falling.

fallen tulip petals photo by Lisa Benemelis
beauty in dead tulip petals picture by Lisa Benemelis

Have you ever noticed how “dirty” soapy dishwater has beautiful iridescent colors?

soapy dishwater pic by Lisa Benemelis

Keep an eye open for inspiration from an unlikely source. It will push you creatively as well as help you to see the beauty in all things.