My favorite things with Jenni Jones!

1.  True Religion Joey Flare Jeans: I know…ripped jeans….why would anyone buy jeans that are already ripped (says my dad).  I love them and I don’t care who knows.  They are so comfortable – I wear them all the time (as long as I am not going somewhere that frowns on ripped jeans).  Toss on plain white t-shirt, a thick brown belt, leather sandals, and some ray bans – and I am good to go.

True Religion jeans

2.  Props!  I love props.  Props props props (that was my take on an Anchor Man quote – I apologize if you don’t know the reference – because then I just sound silly).  I decided this post would be way too long if I included images of all of my favorite items and vendors – so instead I will just give names and links to all that is awesomeness when it comes to my newborn props.  JD Vintage Props – Joanna is so sweet and such a doll to work with – amazing customer service and awesome stuff – it’s like she goes shopping just for meJ. Goodnight Mouse Baby Knits – Jessica just does fantastic work, and she is a sweetheart – she was one of the first vendors I bought hats from when I was starting out and I love working with her.  Veronika G Design – I love the delicate vintage look of everything Veronika creates – she is a true artist and I feel like every piece was made perfectly to fit my style – her work is amazing.  Robin Long’s Nest Wraps – I love these wraps y’all – like LOVE them – I may or may not have more than one of each color (< I have problems).  I have a ton of wraps from Lilian Grace – even though they aren’t available anymore, Amanda always has awesome stuff in her shop/available during one of her sales.  Now go and shop – it will make me feel better about all the items I have purchased.

3.  Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM: Y’all – this is the best bag ever in the history of ever (his name is Big Lou, in case you were wondering).  Big Lou wears many hats…..laptop bag, purse, lunch tote, carry-on luggage, overnight bag….I could keep going.  It’s a big bag, don’t get me wrong – but I love me some big purses.  I haven’t gone a day without using it since I bought it (ahem…sorry….him) several years ago. He goes everywhere with me…and even after all that movin’ and shakin’ – he’s in great shape and still looks fabulous.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag

4.  Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Macro Lens: I have a love affair with newborn macro.  I enjoyed macro from the first time I used a 60mm, but my affair really began when I purchased the 105.  The focal length makes it so much easier to avoid casting shadows/blocking your light. I love this lens – and I use it at every newborn session.

5.  Vera Wang Perfume: So you know how a scent that smells amazing on one person smells horrible on someone else?  I am that someone else (at least I feel like it).  There are certain scents that smell fantastic on everyone, but on me, they smell like foot (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is a good example – I love the way it smells on others…not so much me.)  However – there are two perfumes that I rotate in and out.  One is Coco by Chanel, and the other is Vera Wang.  Y’all – I smell delicious!  Right now I’m on Vera Wang – it is such a delicate, romantic scent.  I’m not typically one for a floral perfume – but this one just does it for me.

Vera Wang perfume

6.  Dell U2410 Ultra Sharp Monitor:  I used to have a regular, run of the mill LCD monitor – it drove me crazy that the color would shift depending on where I was sitting – I felt like it was almost as bad as my laptop.  So I bought this Dell monitor and I couldn’t be happier.  No matter where I am viewing my screen from – the color and brightness are consistent.  I am so glad I spent a little more on a good monitor…it really does make a difference.

7.  Ambiance Gallery Wood Frames from Jerry’s Artarama: so there’s this art store here in Austin that carries the best wood frames, except they never have the frames I want in stock in the store, so I always just order online.  They are SO inexpensive but they are great quality.  These are the only frames I have in my house – I love them.  I typically buy a box of 4 frames and Viewpoint Mat Packs in 8-ply.

Ambiance Gallery wood picture frames

8.  Titanium ACR Preset from Clickin Moms Film Art Set: I am obsessed with this black and white preset.  I have owned the Film Art set forever – and only recently learned the awesomeness that is Titanium.  I just turn the grain way down and voila!  Makes my black and white conversions a breeze.

Titanium Lightroom and ACR preset from Clickin Moms

9.  Restoration Hardware: I loooooove Restoration Hardware.  I mean, I loved them more before they got all weird – but I still love walking into that store figuring out what I want, and then heading to the outlet 45 minutes away and buying it cheaper there (hehehe – true story).  The Camden nightstand is a favorite, and their bedding is just so yummy.  And let’s talk about their paint – aside from the fact that the colors they show on their site look absolutely nothing like they do in real life –  I love RH interior paint – I think every room in my house was painted with one of their colors (graphite and slate are my favorite – I love my greys). The subtle velvet finish is the perfect finish for paint.

10.  My pecan trees: well specifically the yummy pecans that fall every year from my pecan trees.  Come November, I like to think I am a farmer harvesting my crop (not kidding).  I walk around my yard like a crazy person, picking up pecans.  It’s kind of awesome.  Then I shell them and turn them into a from-scratch pecan pie (grandma’s recipe) with maple cream cheese icing (my genius addition to the recipe).  Sounds delicious, huh?  Yep – it totally is. And it all starts with these bad boys in a shell.

pecans in a white bowl