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how 1 woman wrote the perfect bio and found who she is

by Kellie Bieser
Last year I launched a website for my photography.  Most important to me in this endeavor was that every aspect…the images, the fonts, the colors, the language…would be a true reflection of my voice.  So imagine my surprise when I sat down to write the “About Me” paragraph and could.not.do.it.  I spent hours upon hours writing and rewriting blurbs that could describe the “me” that I wanted to reveal to my potential clients.  And I came up empty.


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Retaining Clients When Raising Your Prices

by Elena Blair

As your business grows and changes you are naturally going to have price increases.

You may have started your business charging too little so you are going through a significant price increase, or maybe you are only raising your prices by a small amount.  Perhaps you are restructuring your pricing model.  No matter what it is you are doing, it can be hard to retain old clients when you raise your prices.  I have raised my price about 500%(…)

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using long-exposures to broaden creativity

by Allison Zercher

To use a ‘long exposure’ means to slow the shutter speed down slower than one would normally shoot at, which allows more light to hit the sensor.  There are many reasons to use long exposures – the most common of which being both to capture something in very limited light and/or to intentionally capture motion blur.  In most cases, a tripod is needed in order to either capture a stationary object in very low light or to freeze(…)

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branding on a budget: using templates to customize your image

by Design Aglow

We love this definition of branding from Entrepreneur Magazine:

“Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors’. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.”           

In other words, before you run off to buy design templates to brand your business, you must first(…)

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how i unknowingly captured my battle with depression

by Shannon Wilkinson

In the fall of 2010, I began to notice that I wasn’t quite myself. I was sad and weepy. I was quick to anger or snap judgments and I was having a difficult time finding joy in life. I found it harder to get out of bed in the morning and difficult to fall asleep at night. And while I knew what was going on in my head, I couldn’t bring myself to believe it was serious enough(…)

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bug macro photography: up close and creepy

by Jessica Nelson

I love all things macro. It’s such a fun way to get creative and see the world in a new way.  Shooting bugs with my macro lens is something that I really enjoy. Bugs up close and personal really take on a totally new perspective.  Here are some of my tips that I use when I go out shooting.
1. Be Patient
Bugs take a lot of patience.  They move very fast and they are often hard to catch. Locate(…)

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5 steps to help you find a perfect retail space

by Lena Antaramian
So you want to open a photography studio.

Before you call real estate agents and start checking out listings I want you to sit down and think about WHY you want a studio.  I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but I remember that when I was just starting out in this business over 5 years ago I felt that all photographers who had retail studio space had ‘made’ it in this business and that was THE reason(…)

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a guide for developing a cohesive body of work

by Kristin Ingalls

Photography is a journey. There is no finish line. As long as we continue to take pictures, our body of work is going to evolve and change over time. That is to be expected and part of the beauty of this medium we all love. When we first start this journey we are often carefree, happy and oblivious about the images we are taking. Then we learn. We grow. We experiment. We find ourselves doing a bit of(…)

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are you afraid to market yourself photography tutorial by Frayda Breitowitz

are you afraid to market yourself

by Frayda Breitowitz

“I’m not as good as THAT photographer.”

“People won’t like my work.”

“I’m not worth what I’m charging.”

Sound familiar? Are you afraid to put yourself out there?

These are the negative thoughts that sabotage your chances of marketing yourself effectively.

As an artist, it’s difficult not to view your work as an extension of yourself. You have so much involved emotionally, and when someone doesn’t like or value your work, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of taking it personally.(…)

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what is dynamic range

by Elicia Graves
Understanding dynamic range and how it relates to cameras and photography will enable you to make educated exposure related decisions.  The technical details concerning dynamic range are rather complex, so for simplicity’s sake, today’s discussion will be kept at a higher level and we won’t delve into the photons and pixels science.

It isn’t easy for electronic devices like digital cameras to realize the complete dynamic range experienced by humans. That said, the human eye has to adjust to(…)

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specializing in photography. is it for you?

by Rachel Nielsen
There was a defining moment for me that made my decision to specialize in wedding photography.  I literally felt like I was being hit over the head with ‘this is what you need to do!’, but before I get to that moment, I want to tell you what led to that decision. Then I will talk about how that decision came about for me and how to decide for yourself if specializing is right for you.

I started out(…)

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6 things to keep in mind when creating actors headshots

by Jessica Lutz

Whether you enjoy taking headshots or are looking for something to shoot between your other sessions or trying to fill in those cold off season months many of us know and dread, headshots are a great way to bring in some income. I am going to share some of my experience with working with Actors and Actresses for their head shots.

It is important for Actor/Actresses to keep up-to-date headshots that reflect how they look when meeting with casting(…)

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photography with depth: including foreground

by Lissa Chandler

It’s kind of a biting word isn’t it? To say that something is stale? It’s true sometimes though! Sometimes bread goes stale. Sometimes writing goes stale. Sometimes relationships go stale. And sometimes? Our photography goes stale, too.

As photographers, we look at so many images, made both by ourselves and by our peers. Sometimes we study these images for hours and other times we just see them in passing, but the image are always there. Because of this, sometimes(…)

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iPhoneography: creating art with your iPhone pictures

by Caroline Jensen
Hi everyone! I love to create arty images for my home and sometimes I just really prefer to work on my mobile devices. I go through spurts with iPhone photography. Recently, I decided to work on capturing landscapes and landmarks around my rural home.

I have been blown away by the new apps that are available too! Many are rather over-the-top when used as is, but the app, Superimpose, has been really helpful for toning down the effects by(…)

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top 10 ways to rock a family photo session

by Nicole Everson

10. Get to know your client and let them get to know you.
The most important part of family portraits is capturing the family’s personality. You have to get to know them. What are their interests? Does mom have any insecurity? What type of humor does dad like? Are the kids shy? Do they think farting is funny? Knowing these things will help you know how to handle your session, if mom is insecure about her double chin, then(…)

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5 simple tips to get rid of glasses glare in portraits

by Melissa Stottmann
About two years ago, my three year old daughter began having eye issues and it turned out that she needed glasses.  All of my studying and learning to find “good” light wasn’t always applicable when attempting to avoid the dreaded glasses glare.  I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way and today I’m going to share them with you.
Attempt to Avoid the Glare:
1. Angles.

It’s all the light and your subject’s angle to that light.  I always aim(…)

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tips to get great skin tones

by Kristin Ingalls
Who doesn’t want the people in their images to look healthy and vibrant? Getting skin tones correct is a great start towards this goal. However, getting skin tones in your portraits to be correct and consistent isn’t as easy as it might seem. Paying attention to the light and white balance before you ever snap the shutter can go a long ways towards making that goal easier and to cutting down on your editing time.

1. Pay attention to the(…)

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rules of portrait composition

by Georgia Nelson
Rules! Yay! Wait, why should I care?
So what exactly is composition? To put it simply, it is all of the elements of your photograph that make it stand out, that draw the viewer in, and engages them emotionally in your work. Positioning, framing, lighting, the background, movement, and more all help tell your story. With portraits, there are some very basic rules that should not be broken, because it can confuse the viewer. Portraits are a whole ‘nother(…)

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shoot for black and white

by Candice Zugich

I absolutely adore black and white images! There’s something so personal, so emotional, so raw about them. black and white imagery tells us a story, a story about us, it pauses life in one shot, it keeps you wanting more.
That being said, it takes a few things to make sure you nail that kind of emotion out of a black and white image. As a photographer who uses black and white all the time, there are a few(…)

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what is monitor calibration

by Winnie Bruce

Just as important as it is to have good cameras, and lenses that will take beautiful photos, there are also other necessities a professional or an avid hobbyist needs to have: a monitor calibrator. After coming home from a shoot, most photographers will almost automatically plug in their camera or card to their computer to view their images. Next to purchasing that monitor or computer, and that editing software that will optimize editing, the next thing to purchase(…)

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beyond the rule of thirds

by Celeste Pavlik

As photographers, we work so hard at mastering compositional basics that once we come to the realization that this particular aspect of photography has become an unconscious conscious decision in our shooting, it may be a bit scary to take the leap of breaking the rules. Some of us may even wonder ‘why break the rules’ or ‘how to break the rules’?

For me, I began exploring my desire to move beyond the rule of thirds when I started(…)

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white balance: comparing the choices

by Bethney Backhaus
Oh white balance. Why are there so many different ways to set you?

I remember when I was new to photography I really wanted to see a side by side of images using all the common ways to set white balance so I could really compare them all. Well two years later, here we are! I really hope this is a help to some of you new to photography as well as the seasoned pros out there who just(…)

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embracing dusk and beyond

by Sarah Vaughn
As the days get shorter and the light turns low, photographers who value the light above all else, often find it hard to maintain photography momentum. Busy days and early nights means that many days I’m just finishing up homework with the kids when I look out the window and realize that I’ve missed the sunset. Yet again.

But just because the light is waning does not mean we have to forgo our photography fix. Many of us have(…)

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staying alive in the colder months

by Courtney Dailey

So here we are, in the longest time of the year, Winter. Well, at least it seems it!  If you’re anything like me, you’re waiting for the longer days, the days at the beach and a reason to eat ice cream without guilt. But what to do in the meantime? In many markets, wintertime is also a time in which business gets a bit quiet. In my predictable market, Los Angeles, many of the shows go into Hiatus(…)

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shooting water drops and crowns

by Monica Wilkinson
Is this winter weather giving you cabin fever?  Wishing it would clear up so you could go out and shoot?  Why not cure that boredom with a little macro fun?  In my workshop, Shooting 106:Intro to Macro, you will learn to appreciate the little things around you, to see the details, but I also have a fun mid week challenge each week in addition to the weekly assignment.  A little challenge to push your creativity and  have try(…)

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25 quick business tips

The end of the year is just around the corner; what a perfect time to gather good resolutions in order to take your business to the next level!

Every week, the CMpost brings to its readers, amongst other amazing information, one simple but powerful business tip to speed up their success. Here is a selection of our favorite ones from the past few months.

*image by Lisa Tichane

General business tips:
1. On those bad business days, take a few minutes to make a(…)

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creating a black and white photo

by Celeste Pavlik

When taking a photo, I often visualize it in black and white.  Before I even click that shutter, in my mind I already know that particular photograph will be displayed in black and white.  I love hand editing each of my images and always start with a clean edit in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw).  There are many ways to create a black and white conversion but today I will show you how I converted this photo starting in(…)

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photograph your christmas

by Melissa Stottmann
Christmas morning.  Everyone is looking top notch, straight out of bed, right? Well, not so much, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth remembering!  

I typically spend my morning behind the camera watching my two kids open their presents through the viewfinder while missing out on the memories because I’m so busy trying to preserve them.   I’m not even in the pictures so no one knows I’m there, but my poor husband is front and center for the(…)

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color management of black dogs

by Nicole Begley
Color management is one of the most difficult aspects of photography to master.  Any portrait photographer is well aware of how challenging it can be to consistently produce pleasing skin tones.  While we don’t have to worry about skin tones on a German Shepherd, photographing pets can present an entirely new set of editing challenges.

One of the most common mistakes I see in pet photography is when black dogs look a little blue…and I don’t mean that they(…)

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3 tips to capturing joyful photos

by Lisa Tichané
Some might say that I’m obsessed with photographing joy and laughter, and this is probably true. I guess every photographer has a topic that he or she can photograph over and over again without ever getting tired of it. This is how I feel about laughter and carefreeness. Capturing joy feeds my soul, and makes me a happier person.

This is probably why I’ve become a children’s photographer in the first place; there is something about kids’ giggles and(…)

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