snow photography


How to photograph winter landscapes

by Jaime Profeta
Much of the northern hemisphere is still blanketed by a layer of snow. Despite the fact that I too grumble about the cold weather and look at my summer photos dreaming longingly of warmer days, winter truly is a beautiful time! I decided to take a day to go out and shoot the landscape around me and use it as an opportunity to share some tips to help you go out and capture some of the wintery vistas(…)

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how to be safe and stay warm when taking portraits in the snow by Amy Lucy Lockheart

6 tips for snow photography

There is something so enchanting about snow. The way it falls softly to the ground and covers the earth in a giant white blanket makes everything seem so fresh and magical. But when snow is present, so is the cold. That cold may mean that many of us decide to stay indoors where we are nice and toasty. Taking photos of your kids outdoors in the winter can be very rewarding, so do your best to come out of hibernation(…)

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How to take portraits in the snow

by Carol Swaitkewich
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada or Winterpeg as we are affectionately called. It snows. A lot. It’s also cold. Like REALLY cold. For 5 months of the year we are surrounded by white and ice. If I wanted to take pictures I needed to learn how to shoot in the cold and snow fast!

The 3 main problems I found shooting in the snow are flat lighting, exposure issues, (blown out or grey looking snow), white balance issues(…)

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