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Allison McSorley about me bio picture

creating the perfect bio photo

*self portrait bio image by Jennifer Dell
As a photographer we are often asked to help a client create the perfect professional head-shot or biography photo. This is a common thing that many professionals use on a regular basis. That said, the head-shot can be a tricky beast to take on, especially if you’re a photographer. Seeing as we are constantly behind the lens we tend to get a little antsy when we are pulled out of our comfort zone and(…)

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Tracy Ritter

concert photography tips and tricks

by Tracy Ritter
This is the first picture I ever took at a concert (well, since my days of going to see New Kids on the Block when I was 16).  I was about 7 or 8 heads back in this general admission crowd of 20,000+ people. I held my little point & shoot camera high above my head, trying to dodge hands, heads and other cameras, zoomed as far as I could, and prayed to come back with something decent.(…)

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