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baby sitting on a bed by Dana Lauder

5 ways to make the most of the natural light in your house

When I first moved into my new home just over a year ago, I was excited about the opportunity to shoot in a new spot, but that excitement quickly vanished as I figured out that, on the surface, the light in my new home was anything but ideal. I spent a good portion of the spring and summer shooting daily, often outdoors. Fall came and I stopped picking up my camera, shooting only once every week or two, and mostly outside the house. I quickly got bored of my go-to spot in the house (the master bedroom). In January I decided to challenge myself to do a 365, and quite honestly, I wasn’t sure I would make it through the winter with the boring, less-than-ideal light that I had to work with inside my home. It was a particularly cold winter, and with two young children, we spent a good portion of our time indoors. I quickly learned that I was going to make it through my 365, I would have to learn to make the most of the light in my house. With the cooler months approaching, I wanted to share some of the ways I did just that.(…)

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final edited black and white picture by Cynthia Dawson

A classic black and white photo in 5 easy steps with Photoshop

There are two things that I am obsessed with…light and shadows. I strive to seek out light each and everyday and in finding the light I often find shadows. This way of shooting is what made me fall in love with classic, deep black and white conversions. I love how converting an image this way gives you so much tonal range. The eye isn’t just looking at black and white but the many, many shades of gray in between. Here are the steps I take to get a classic conversion. (…)

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black and white portrait of two sisters by Piper Anne Photography

Meeting Them on Their Terms: photographing older kids

My photography journey (specifically my time as a Clickin Mom) has been challenging to the extent that my kids were a little older when I got serious about photography and I was constantly discouraged by two facts. #1, it seemed everyone was posting carefree, fun and playful images of their babies and toddlers and my older kids just weren’t so playful or cute and easy to photograph and #2, I was overwhelmed with the feeling I had already missed my chance to capture my children’s childhood in a beautiful way. Once I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and instead embrace where we were as a family, I was able to notice the beauty in their “older kid” life. Not necessarily in the happy, playful moments (although we have those too), but also in the moody and quiet moments.(…)

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girl playing in the water sprinkler by Krista Campbell

7 secrets to amazing photos in, around, and under the water

I love everything about summer: the warm sunshine, sun-kissed skin, gentle breezes, bright colors, cool treats, and refreshing water of any kind! I love to capture the essence of summer with photos in, around, and under the water. The pool, beach, water park, or even your yard is the perfect location to photograph the joys of summertime.

Here are seven secrets to capture amazing summer photographs in, around, and under the water.(…)

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engagement photo in a yard by Sonia Bourdon

9 tips to help you scout and choose locations

I used to be envious of those photographers who live by the desert and have those incredible location spots just down their backyard. I used to convince myself that their photos were amazing because they lived in such wonderful places, and that I could not ever have these types of images for myself. I certainly don’t live in the desert, by the ocean or in the beautiful mountains, but I realize now that it was a great excuse for not trying hard enough. I surprise myself in discovering that beauty can be everywhere if you dare to look closely and carefully. Now that I’ve opened my eyes to the endless possibilities and opportunities that surround me, I feel a lot more confident when it’s time to scout for locations, because I know what to look for. There are beautiful little gems hidden everywhere all around us, wherever we may live. I’m happy to share my tips with you today and hopefully help you find the best locations for your photos.(…)

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mom breasteeding newborn and holding big brother by Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel

4 fresh perspectives on lifestyle newborn photography

You have probably heard many times already that lifestyle newborn photography is THE new way to photograph newborns if you are a modern photographer.

Let’s face it: lifestyle is a trend, and as any new trend it might last… or not. And even if it lasts, it doesn’t mean that the market for other types of newborn photography will disappear. The variety of tastes and styles will remain!

So today I’m not here to explain why lifestyle newborn photography is the IT thing. I’m just trying to offer a new perspective, based on several years of practice, which might convince you to embrace this shooting style just because it feels right for YOU, and not because it’s what the cool girls are doing.

Let’s consider a few things you might not have heard yet about shooting newborns in a lifestyle way:(…)

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water hose fun by Lisa Rappa

Fun and easy ways to take photos in the summer

Fall and spring are often considered the popular “photo seasons” where I live and I would assume in most places as well. This is for obvious reasons including nice weather and the beautiful colors of flowers and fall leaves making for easy, natural backdrops. Summer seems to get a bad rep though. Especially if you live in “Hotlanta” where summers reach temperatures up to the 100s and aren’t just hot, but humid too, resulting in a lot of sweating, or as us southern gals prefer to call it, “glistening.”(…)

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Creativity Exercise: 10 Tips for Creative Overhead Shooting

This month’s creativity challenge is all about changing your perspective. Approaching a subject from all sides, far, near, overhead, and beneath is a wonderful way to explore light, angles, composition, and qualities of your subject you might otherwise have missed. This month, however, we are going to focus strictly on overhead shooting, from the extreme birds-eye view to a simple standing position with the camera pointed downward.(…)

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final edit with no reflector by Winnie Bruce

How I edit to get the glow of a reflector in Photoshop

For many photographers, a reflector is a great tool to use for bouncing and manipulating light. Often times, depending on the location and the subject, a reflector would really be very beneficial. For example, if it’s completely overcast, it’s a great way to introduce light to your subject. Also, it’s another way to enhance skin. I am, however, one of those photographers that notoriously forget my reflector. I love using it, but sometimes, I just forget it, or I use too long of a lens (like my 135mm lens) that I can’t hold my reflector and shoot at the same time.(…)

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wide angle beach photo by Nicole Begley

5 fun tips for wide angle photography

When I first started got interested in photography I thought that you chose your lens based on how far you are from your subject. Photographing something nearby? Use the 35mm. Photographing something far away? That calls for the 200mm. Turns out that our lens choice should be based on much more than simple distance!

Wide angle lenses are generally 35mm lenses and below. They have an incredible field of view and a 15mm fisheye on a full frame sensor can capture an approximate 180 degree view! This incredible field of view can make these lenses challenging to use, but also create some fun and unique images of your summer adventures!(…)

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girl holding flowers by Thea Courtney of Cocoa Jones Photography

6 ways to capture the fleeting moments of childhood

I often tell people that I love to capture the ‘in-between moments’ most of all. Searching for and finding quieter moments is a skill that has come through practice, and I’ve found that the more observant and intentional I become as a photographer, the more pleased I feel about my images.

Here, I will share with you some of the things that I’ve learnt along the way, in order to help you recognise that enigmatic, fleeting ‘in-between’ moment.(…)

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photo of girl looking at flower by Pooja Chauhan

Why artists need a personal project and 4 tips to accomplish it

We get into photography because it’s a great creative outlet, it’s an amazing hobby. But then as you get more into creating pictures for others or getting into business, it completely swallows you and you stop making the time to do what you love and what started you in it in the first place! It’s a shame to get burnt out and stop doing what you loved so much initially. I’m sure we can all relate to that, I certainly do!

For this reason, you need to purposefully allocate time for personal projects. If you don’t make the effort to do creative projects that you feel passionately about, you are just going to lose interest and get burned out very quickly.

Here are some tips to spark the fire again and get the creative juices flowing.(…)

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vase and flowers pullback by Beth Deschamp of Bethadilly Photography

How I took these photos in my small 700 square foot apartment

When I first started my journey with photography, I was living in a 700 square foot high-rise apartment in the city with only one wall of windows. My windowless kitchen was completely dark and living in a tiny space brought on its challenges when it came to photographing my everyday. It was in this tiny apartment that I started and completed my first 365 photography challenge, by taking one photo every single day for a year. Not only did I learn so much about my camera skills, but I also found myself learning about how to take a small space and portray it completely different in photographs.(…)

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1 Jake! by Kristen Ryan

18 can’t miss shooting locations in Jackson Hole

Grand Teton National Park, in Jackson Hole, is one of the most incredible natural places to travel in the United States. The Teton mountain range, with its jagged peaks, rises majestically out of the valley, mesmerizing visitors from tiny toddlers to seasoned traveling adults. Just try to drive through without falling in love with this magical place. (…)

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boys playing by an abandoned barn by Eliz Alex Photography

6 outdoor photography ethics and etiquette

As an outdoors enthusiast, I’ve done a lot of traveling, hiking, camping, and exploring in the many beautiful national parks, bureau of land management properties, state parks, local parks, preserves and privately owned flower fields across our wondrous country.

In the outdoor world there are 7 Leave No Trace Principles that help to protect and save our environment for the animals, trees, and nature that live there and to protect it for others to enjoy now and in the future. A(…)

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silhouette of tree and child by Lauren Penland

The versatility of backlighting

Backlight is my absolute favorite.

If given the choice of any lighting situation, I always choose backlight, no matter my subject. It is magical and it is flattering and believe it or not…versatile. I can place my subject in-between me and the sun and get so many different effects. I can create a sun-soaked, low contrast dreamy image or even a dramatic, moody image with emphasis on shadows. Here are some examples and how to achieve the desired result.(…)

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girl playing in window seat by Kelly Marleau of Fiddle Leaf Photography

8 creative ways to use window light

I have a window in my house that I’ve fallen hard for. It’s a bay window in our family room. It has unfinished casing, chipped paint on the ledge, and is incredibly cold in the winter, but it still doesn’t stop me from loving it. It faces west out to our backyard, and lets me look out at the field behind us, the downtown skyline, and my daughter playing outside in her play house. Above all of that though, it just lets some seriously gorgeous light into our house. It’s a photographer’s dream.

You might not have a bay window like this in your house, but these same principles can be applied to so many types of windows. Take some time to study the light and how it moves through your house during the day and I’m sure you’ll find creative ways to use your special window too.(…)

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