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kids playing at a playground by Renata Plaice

How Leading Lines Will Improve Your Photos

Leading lines are probably one of the most well known compositional tools in photography and visual art, alongside the rule of thirds.

Great composition can make a photograph stand out, regardless if it was taken with a point-and-shoot or a high-end DSLR. In fact, this is the first “trick” I teach my teenage students in camera club in the school where I work. At the beginning, they might have no more than a camera phone but are observant and eager to learn. Working on composition is a great step to take at the start of the photography journey (or at any stage) as it doesn’t rely on the quality of photography equipment.(…)

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girl holding a red heart pillow by Angie Kuna

10 Valentine’s Day Pictures You Need to Take

‘Tis the season for love. Valentine’s is a celebration full of hearts, chocolate, and much more and every bit of it is worth documenting. We asked the CMpros what their must-have photos for documenting their Valentine season are and boy did they dish. So read below, grab your camera, and then get to photographing this happy season!(…)

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family hugging and kissing portrait by Elena Blair

The 10 Most Common Photography Questions Answered

I will never forget when I was first starting out on this photography journey.

I knew I wanted to learn how to use my camera. I knew my images looked very different from the professional photographers I was following. I knew I might want to start a business, but knew very little else.

It was overwhelming, and was enough to make me want to curl up into a ball and forget about this whole photography thing! Thankfully, I found Clickin Moms and was able to get some of the toughest initial questions answered. I have searched far and wide and found ten of the most common questions asked by the new photographer. This is guaranteed to jump-start your beautiful and worthwhile journey!(…)

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family laughing together in a cornfield by Kristy Dooley

7 Habits of Successful Photographers

The journey of a photographer is not necessarily an easy one. It’s a road full of highs and lows, breakthroughs and frustrations. While these moments happen for us all, there are a few things that the most successful photographers do to keep moving in the right direction.(…)

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wedding portrait by an old rusted truck by Kate Luber

Carefully Selecting Depth of Field with Artistic Vision in Mind

We all know to make sure we have a fast enough shutter to stop motion. You need the right ISO to give you enough light to expose properly. What about aperture? Is wider always better; after all, you have the ability to shoot at f/1.2 and it would be a shame not to utilize that? Wider isn’t always better. Learn why and when you should close down your aperture.(…)

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child taking a nap on dad by Seija Kenn

Photographing Your Daily Life: tips and questions to consider

Shooting your daily life can be both exhilarating and exhausting.

Our routines can become second nature and the feeling of the daily grind can set in. Although many of us picked up a camera to capture this daily life, it can be a challenge to find something that feels like it’s worth capturing. It can be hard to see daily life as a ‘subject’ when most of our days feel very average. In an effort to make daily life shooting feel fulfilling, I narrowed down a few ideas that have helped me along the way. Here is some food for thought on how to capture your daily life and make it a creative and fulfilling process.(…)

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black and white photo of grandma holding baby by Kari Wattenbarger

5 Things I’ve Learned About Photographing Grandparents

With the birth of my oldest, who is now five, I started using my camera to record our family life.

We are fortunate to have our grandparents geographically close in proximity. As a result, our children have been able to develop a special bond with them. I cherish these times together and these are the moments that I love to capture. In the years since, I have learned a lot about documenting our interactions, storytelling and capturing the essence of these special moments in time.(…)

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3 Types of Movement in Photography

When we talk about movement in our images, we could be referring to any number of phenomena, storytelling, or design elements. For this creativity exercise, we’re going to discuss three fundamental ways to approach movement in the frame, and you can tackle whichever challenges or appeals to you most.(…)

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portrait of mom holding newborn by Kellie Bieser

The Top 15 Photography Tutorials from 2015

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone but it has and 2015 was a great year! Here on the CMblog we have continued to work hard in bringing you the type of tutorials and fun articles that you’re looking for. This past year was such a hit and we are excited to see what the next year brings. In celebration, we thought we’d look back on the 15 most popular tutorials from the CMblog last year!(…)

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7 month baby photo by Sarah Carlson

Your Baby’s Monthly Photos: 5 tips to keep in mind

This time 6 years ago, I was pregnant with our oldest daughter and researching countless items for our registry. Baby shopping was so much fun! One of the top things on my wish list was a set of month-by-month stickers to put on Kate’s onesie to photograph and document her growth throughout her first year.

Like many momtogs, the birth of my firstborn is what sparked my desire to learn about photography, so her monthly baby pictures were also a signpost of my progression. By month 12, I realized I needed to open the window to get some light into the room rather than using the overhead light. Not even kidding. Here are my three girls when each was 4 months old. It’s so fun to compare these side by side! I’d love to share some tips I’ve discovered along the way, and I’ve got some beautiful monthly baby photos from some of our talented CMPros to share with you as well.(…)

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girl holding a large sunflower by Tiffany Kelly

Using the Inverse Square Law for Natural Light Portraits

The inverse square law is one of my favorite nerdy photography topics. I use the inverse square law to get nice, dark backgrounds. I love this type of background because it leads to simple images, it hides my messy house, and it helps my subject really pop against a dark background.(…)

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child singing into a fan by April Nienhuis

8 unexpected ways to add creativity to your photos

Lenses with cool effects are fun but they’re not the only option to add creativity to your photography. Embracing some new techniques and using some household items when shooting is a fun and free way to spice up your work. The possibilities are endless but here’s 8 that I’ve used and recommend to others when struggling with their creativity.(…)

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dad holding newborn photo by Beth Deschamp

5 Newborn Portraits You Must Take During the First 2 Weeks

Expectant parents are commonly told to savor every single moment with their little ones, as time goes by too fast and they will grow before you know it. It’s hard to imagine them being anything but tiny when you are holding them for the first time in your arms but, in a blink of an eye, they are quickly growing and you are begging time to slow down.

Well, time sure won’t slow down, but you can freeze it in time… through photographs. And because your new baby will start changing quickly during the first two weeks after birth, you are going to want to capture that brand newness right away. Amongst those few roles of photographs that you take, be sure that you capture these five portraits during the first two weeks.(…)

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child laying in bed smiling by Courtney Rust of Rusty Lens Photography

7 tips for getting better light in your pictures

Lighting can make the difference between a so-so photo and a stunning image. It is one of the most intimidating technical categories of photography because it is out of our control, and we don’t always have control of our locations either. Being able to work with light, understand it, and use it to our advantage is critical. Here are seven basic tips to getting images with stronger light.(…)

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after adding leaf overlays in Photoshop by Krista Campbell

5 Secrets to Amazing Fall Photos

I don’t know about you, but I just love fall. Apple crisp, brisk morning walks, warm clothing, football, pumpkin picking… what’s not to love? I want to capture every autumn sight, scent, and taste with my camera. Here are 5 Secrets to capturing amazing fall photographs.(…)

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backlit photo of girl in a field by Marissa Gifford

7 secrets to tack-sharp pictures

You see pretty light, a fleeting moment, or a stunning vista and rush to grab your camera to document it. You look at the back of your LCD screen only to be disappointed that you missed focus and your image is a blur. Your shutter speed was high enough to stop the motion, so what gives? Keep reading for a few tips to achieve sharply focused images.(…)

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kids playing on the beach by Mickie DeVries of Fresh Modern Photography

7 tips for getting a variety of shots from one location

During the summer months I often shoot at the beach at golden hour. My kids are happy to let me take photos of them because they get a night swim out of the deal. I try to make the most out of them being willing to be photographed! I particularly love getting shots of them backlit playing in the sand or water, but I also want to make the most out of the time I have with them without having all the shots look the same. Our beaches don’t offer too much in the terms of different spaces to shoot in as it is pretty much just sand and water with a very occasional tree if we are lucky. Even if your location doesn’t have different spaces to shoot in you can still get a lot of variety from any location. These tips are not specific for shooting at the beach, and are a great list to keep in mind anytime you are shooting!(…)

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