photography mentor

two girls hugging in a field by Sally Kate Photography

Making friends and forming a local photography group

Sometimes, though, after noting the glazed-over expression in our husband’s faces at the mention of bokeh, or the look of horror on our kids’ faces when we drive by a spot that has “pretty light,” we long for a little snippet of the wider community of Clickin Moms to be right there, in the flesh. People who get excited about f-stops and golden hour and back-button focus. We need to talk shop. And we need it, stat. We need a little Clickin Moms right in our own hometown.(…)

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creative Nikon lenses

a peek inside | kellie bieser

I am a little weird and I personify all of my gear. It helps me choose exactly what I need in any given situation as each lens plays a special role in my work. All together it is like a girls’ night at Taylor Swift’s house…just a little quieter and less glamorous ;).(…)

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before and after edit in ACR and Photoshop by Marissa Gifford

Before and After: a backlit edit in ACR and Photoshop

I love doing before and after videos, but sometimes I get bored looking at my own work over and over. So for this video, I decided to chose an image from a fellow Clickin Mom to edit instead!

I love this adorable shot from Montreal portrait photographer Anda Panciuk. This sweet moment seems so girly and typical of childhood, and I love the way she’s lost in the moment playing with her skirt. In ACR, I increased exposure and contrast, straightened the image and warmed up the white balance. Then in Photoshop I cropped, blew out the windows completely, added contrast and added a few subtle tones to enhance an already beautiful image. Watch the video to see the steps I took to achieve this look!(…)

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close up portrait of boy in the falling snow by Celeste Pavlik

7 ways to photograph one child

I worry. I fret. Time. It is passing much too swiftly.

Disquieted. A quick, yet recognizable hard pound of a few heart beats as I allow my mind to linger and to dwell on the reality. That moment when I realize my little loves, my muses, my children, are not so little any more. I see them every day. Yet, when I finally lay my head down at night, too often my heart aches and I feel as though I have neglected to truly ‘see’ them. Individually. Free of their own inhibitions.(…)

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cupcake with a strawberry on top by Kristy Dooley

3 tips for photographing cake and other sweet treats

One of my favorite parts of holidays, parties, and celebrations are the cakes and sweet treats. While I do enjoy a nice slice of cake or pie, what I like even more is photographing the goodies. There is something surprisingly therapeutic about food photography. A still subject is great for experimentation and practice within your work. Whether you purchase or bake the treats for your next celebration, I’d love to encourage you all to take a few minutes to photograph them before taking that first bite. Here are a few tips to get you started…(…)

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Canon camera and lenses of photographer Liz Behm

a peek inside | liz behm

It’s time for another installment of one of our favorite blog series, a peek inside. Today, we have one of our newest team members to feature, Liz Behm.
a peek inside | liz behm

I am not in business anymore and am currently a mostly happy hobbyist, homeschooling my oldest two of five kids. I’ve been shooting a project 365 for each of the last 6 years, though blogging it all sometimes gets put on the back burner. I don’t need a work space as much as I once did, but I do love having a dedicated spot to sit and work on my photos.(…)

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child holding her winning contest photo

How I connected with my daughter through photography

My children have grown up in front of my camera. They have said “cheese,” they have held ridiculous props to humor me, they have endured the dreaded, “I didn’t quite get it, can we do that again?” pleas from me, all in the name of their dear mother’s hobbyist-ism. They have done their part to help their mama grow in her own photography, and then some. They have been patient. They have been my muses.(…)

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young girl sitting on the floor by Allison McSorley

6 secrets to more compelling photos

Someone once said that the best camera is the one you have with you. Whether you’re shooting with an old school point-and-shoot camera or a fancy new dSLR though, there are some universal techniques to keep in mind that will help you create more interesting and visually pleasing photographs.(…)

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good crops in camera by Megan Squires

5 mistakes I made as a new photographer

We learn from our mistakes. We grow in asking questions. And we can encourage others forward by being open about our journeys and aha! moments in photography. While the basics come easy now, there will always be more for me to learn and always new ways to grow. That’s something that gets me excited each and every time I pick up my camera.(…)

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how to load and use actions in adobe photoshop by April Nienhuis

How to install and use actions in Photoshop

The thought of installing and using Photoshop actions may seem difficult but it’s actually pretty easy. In the video below, I will quickly show you two different ways to install your actions (I used The Organic Set actions from Marissa Gifford) and then customize them to your liking. Remember, you can do more than just hit play and be done; you can adjust all those wonderful layers to tweak the actions to beautifully enhance your images to complete your vision.(…)

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family picture at the lake by Elena Blair

5 family poses that always capture connection

I like to think of my posing technique as directing rather than posing. When working with families, it is important to be able to guide and direct them into pleasing poses that ultimately demonstrate the connection within their family. There is so much connection to be captured within every family. I invite you to think outside the box and beyond traditional stiff family portraits. Here are five poses that always capture connection.(…)

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Vironica Golden

18 pictures that describe the word first to us

Last year the CMteam collaborated to begin a united introspective project and it’s something that very quickly become close to our hearts.

Each month the team were given one word to interpret in their own way using a single image. It’s been so fun and interesting watching the different variations of each word as the months have passed and the team were able to show their distinctive and unique variations of the word.

We are excited and happy to be continuing The Word Project as we roll into 2015.

To kick the year off, the CMteam came up with the word ‘First’, something that aptly brings us all into this exciting new year, where I’m sure you’ll also be seeing images from some amazing new mentors and members of the CMteam.(…)

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cell phone prints by Elicia Graves

Forget to print your photos? 5 tips to help you remember!

There was a time when I was chronically behind on printing my personal photos. There were months upon months of my children’s lives that were documented on the computer but were nowhere to be seen in print.

I had many good intentions to create a photo book of each year, but somehow they never materialized. I would get overwhelmed comparing books and book templates and reading reviews, and was left paralyzed with indecision. Meanwhile, I was still photographing my children and our lives and the images kept piling up on my hard drive. After the birth of my second child, I decided that I had to start printing my photos from that moment on, and that my system had to be simple and easy. (…)

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newborn yawning photo by Alicia Gould

4 ways to prepare for a newborn session

I’m a list maker and planner.

When we go to Disney, I’ve made our lunch reservations 6 months in advance and know what our route will be through each park. If I forget my grocery list at home, I’m guaranteed to forget something so why should my newborn sessions be any different? Since I’m so focused on the details during the session, preparing makes me feel more in control. In the heat (literally 80 degree heat) of a newborn session with a baby crying, it’s really easy to forget what you wanted to do! On the flip side, if you have an extremely sleepy baby and you run through your regular poses, sometimes you can draw a blank on what to do next.(…)

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7 cures for the photographer blues

Let’s face it. The longer you make images, the harder it becomes to feel creative, and that leads to boredom and sometimes sadness. What used to send chills of excitement up your spine, now may make you feel a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing. Ruts are just part of life and they are actually a good thing because they spur on growth. The true benefit comes when you jump over the hurdle and find the inspiration on the other side.(…)

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close up of desktop of photographer Melissa Stottmann 10

DIY desk for 2 people

When we moved into our home we knew that eventually the front formal “living room” would serve us better as an office type of space. After living in our home and having a single small desk for 3 years, we knew it was time to create something that could be functional for both of us.
After researching for quite a while, we saw this DIY desk tutorial and knew it could work for us with a few tweaks. We measured the wall (11 feet, 10 inches across) and considered what cabinets to purchase. A small roadblock was realizing that using cabinets would be taller than a typical desk and after finding counter height chairs, we forged ahead!(…)

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Jennifer Nobriga 5

Meet our 10 new Mentors!

We have so many exciting things planned for the Clickin Moms community this year, and the absolute best way to kick things off is by by announcing the incredible, talented photographers who have just joined the CMteam as Mentors. Please join us in congratulating the following women who inspire and help our community so much:(…)

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8 ways to successfully grow your Instagram by April Nienhuis

8 ways to successfully grow your Instagram

Whether you’re running a full time business or just wanting to get your work out there to others, Instagram is a great and underutilized tool.

Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. I started using it personally just over 4 years ago (my first photo there was of my almost 5 year old toddling across the living room) and part of my focus at Clickin Moms has been curating the Instagram account for about 2 years now. I’ve learned a few things along the way and I’m excited to share them with you today!(…)

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