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fine art nature photograph by online photography workshop instructor Elle Walker

fine art & visual expression

We have one of our newest workshops we would like to share with you and that is CMU’s new Fine Art and Visual Expression workshop by the lovely CM Mentor Elle Walker.  This is another 301 level course in our program that, with Elle’s guidance, will show you how to communicate through your photographs.  Let’s hear a little more about what Elle has to say in regards to this new course!

Hi, Elle, and thank you for answering some questions for(…)

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learn how to pose babies during a photography session by Jennifer Dell

Amazing secrets to posing babies

Ah, six month olds…my most favorite age to photograph. I love it when my littlest of clients starts to sit on their own and truly take in the world around them. They are usually very curious, happy and easy to work with. I honestly cannot think of a reason not to love photographing a baby at this age!  While they are sitting on their own and a few may be getting ready to crawl, a baby this age is still(…)

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successful center compositions

Are you a rule-follower?  I am.

I get anxious even bending the rules – social or actual.  So no-one is more surprised than me to see that I have embraced the dreaded center composition in my personal style.  I had always understood this to be a big photography no-no so I avoided it at all costs, believing it to be a lazy, unimaginative and visually less pleasing method of composition.

Then, last Christmas, my husband surprised me with a 35mm lens.  And(…)

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tips for photographing weddings by Lee Ann Norris

how to get into wedding photography

by Lee Ann Norris

When I started my photography business back in 2007 I proclaimed loudly, strongly and with great confidence I was not ever going to shoot a wedding.  In fact, I was going to shoot babies, kids, and families.  But weddings, I would never shoot a wedding.  It was too stressful, you only had one shot, and I never wanted someone to look back and think my wedding pictures suck.  I am laid-back and chill, weddings weren’t for me. (…)

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6 tips for photographing children with siblins

6 tips for photographing newborns with siblings

When it comes to photographing newborns, my heart definitely goes to natural, unposed images. So I am always thrilled when a client contacts me for a newborn shoot and mentions that there will be siblings involved as capturing interaction and emotion is my  absolute favorite thing.
But a session photographing a brand new big brother or sister comes with its own set of challenges so you need to be well prepared.
Here are some tips that really help me make these sessions(…)

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photo of window and curtains by Sarah Wilkerson

Color by Kelvin: A Better Approach to White Balance

There are a number of ways to set white balance in camera: AWB (Auto White Balance), CWB (Custom White Balance), White Balance by Preset (Sunny, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Tungsten, etc), or White Balance by Kelvin. This article will take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about white balance, as well as taking a look at one of the less commonly used approaches to white balance: White-Balance-by-Kelvin.

Myth #1: In-Camera White Balance doesn’t matter as long as you shoot RAW

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