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picture of a boy making a goofy face by Kellie Bieser

6 Ways to Get The Kids to Smile Without Saying Cheese

It is the most common request of grandparents and is what every client wants on her walls… and if we are going to be honest with ourselves, we want it, too: that perfect portrait of our little angel showing all of those pearly white teeth in a smile so sweet and happy that we can’t help but smile back. Childhood is a time defined by joy and so it only makes sense that we would want photos that reflect the happiness we wish for our kids.(…)

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photo of child dying Easter eggs by Ardelle Neubert

8 Ways to Photograph Your Easter Holiday

Break out the flowers, the dye, and all the eggs you can find because Easter is right around the corner. It may not be the most photographed holiday but we think it’s worth getting out the camera for. We asked the CMpros to chime in with their favorite tips for photographing Easter and boy did they. We can’t get enough of these fun ideas!(…)

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5 Steps to Adding Depth and Complexity to Your Photos

When we think of shooting tips for new photographers, a few pieces of advice come to mind, and common among them are these:

Get closer.
Simplify your frame.

The suggestions are good ones, and they tend to go together well: the very act of coming in closer helps to simplify the composition, because it allows our main subject to fill a larger area of the frame. As artists, this approach can help us to work more deliberately by forcing us to identify the element or elements that are most important to us. We don’t just ask, “what is the subject?” We ask: “what is the best, most interesting, most important PART of this subject?” (Hint: It might be a face, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.) Get closer. Cut out everything non-essential. Fill the frame. Simplify. When you do this, your intended subject becomes more prominent and showcases rich details that we might not have noticed in a wider composition. There’s a lot to love about a closely composed photograph.(…)

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girl standing in the living room by Amy Brownridge

There’s no room in this room! 4 tricks for photos in small homes.

Your life, so full and dear, is a photographic disaster. You envision charming lifestyle photos, but end up with unremarkable snapshots. Your Instagram flows from an alternate universe where all homes are lovely and everyday moments live on as fine art. You’re desperate for more order, more light, more room and suddenly you’re browsing the MLS. Mostly, though, you feel defeated, and your precious everyday moments get a phone snapshot, if that. This is not how it should be. Here are four basic tricks to get you taking better photos, anywhere, with any camera, starting now.(…)

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are you afraid to market yourself photography tutorial by Frayda Breitowitz

are you afraid to market yourself

by Frayda Breitowitz

“I’m not as good as THAT photographer.”

“People won’t like my work.”

“I’m not worth what I’m charging.”

Sound familiar? Are you afraid to put yourself out there?

These are the negative thoughts that sabotage your chances of marketing yourself effectively.

As an artist, it’s difficult not to view your work as an extension of yourself. You have so much involved emotionally, and when someone doesn’t like or value your work, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of taking it personally.(…)

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top 10 ways to rock a family photo session by Nicole Everson

top 10 ways to rock a family photo session

10. Get to know your client and let them get to know you.
The most important part of family portraits is capturing the family’s personality. You have to get to know them. What are their interests? Does mom have any insecurity? What type of humor does dad like? Are the kids shy? Do they think farting is funny? Knowing these things will help you know how to handle your session, if mom is insecure about her double chin, then you know(…)

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birth photography tips by Amy Lucy Lockheart

photographing a birth

I often refer to Clickin Moms as one giant family. It’s true! And families take pictures of one another. What better way to document a birth than to ask a fellow Clickin Mom to photograph the entire event. There have been a number of CM members who have photographed the births of fellow Clickin Moms members, myself included.

The birth of a child is an experience that you will never forget. Indeed, it is one of the most important and momentous(…)

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black and white birth photography by Naomi Thomas

beginnings contest winners

The July/August issue of Click photography magazine is shipping so it’s time to announce the winners of the March/April beginnings contest!  A prize package of $4,250 in products and services from WHCC was divided among the four winners with first place receiving $2,500 package.
Theme: Beginnings
Issue: March/April 2013
Thank you to CMpros Marissa Gifford and Dana Lauder who served as contest judges!

Beth Forester, Madison, W.V. won first place:


Second place was awarded to Amy Kolodziej, York, S.C.:

Third place went to Christina McGuire, Novi,(…)

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7 ways to make $1000 in your photography business by Kristen Kalp

make $1000 now

by Kristen Kalp
We all want to grow our business revenue to some extent, but the thought of growing by leaps and bounds can be intimidating. Why not grow by $1,000 at a time? Below, seven ways to make $1,000 in your photography biz. They’re simple and quick — experience success with one and you’ll be ready to try another without any pesky fears, nagging doubts, or crazy concerns. These are baby steps!

Offer the first five people to convince their friends(…)

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photographer interview with CMpro of the Month, Pam Korman

interview with pam korman

Hello, May!  How lovely of you to sneak up on us like that!  Here on the Clickin Moms blog, we are going to start the month right by introducing you to a brand new CMpro of the Month, Pam Korman.  Pam is an incredible photographer and we are so excited to have her here on the CMblog to learn a little more about her!
may cmpro of the month | pam korman
by Melissa Gibson

Hello Pam! Can you start us off by(…)

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love contest winners

The May/June issue of Click photography magazine is ready to ship so it’s time to announce the winners of the January/February love contest!  A prize package of more than $10,000 in lab credit from Miller’s Professional Imaging was distributed among the top four finalists, and all entrants received 25 percent off a Design Market order,

Thank you to Clickin Moms’ Pros Celeste Jones and Bre Thurston who served as the contest judges!

First Place: Danielle Andrus, Krum, Texas

Second Place: Kyla Ewert,(…)

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a day in the life with lifestyle hobbyist photographer Heidi Adams

a day in the life | heidi adams

A Day In The Life with Heidi Adams
I am not an over achieving mom. I promise. I just ran out of cereal so…

School time for the older two.

Little bit of park time with the 3 littles before we go to the grocery store.

Grocery time!

The baby’s newest trick.

Off to the office supply store to buy daddy some pocket protectors. Not kidding.

I rarely eat  breakfast or lunch. I usually just grab snacks between the chaos. I am a bit obsessed with these(…)

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photography interview with April 2013 CMpro of the Month Celeste Jones

interview with celeste jones

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is here (whether it feels like it or not) and there’s a sense of newness around.  Not only is it time for new flowers, new grass, and fresh new leaves on the tree, but it’s also time for a new CMpro of the Month, Celeste Jones!  Celeste is a long time member of Clickin Moms and a brilliantly talented photographer.  Her work is full of honesty and emotion and we are(…)

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8 copy

How to get the most out of a single newborn pose

A warm, quiet room, the soft lullaby of a white noise machine, a beautiful baby that curls up into any position and sleeps soundly, and the stunning photographer who’s making this all happen. It’s every newborn photographers dream! But it doesn’t always happen, unfortunately. Sometimes we get those dream babies but (at least for me), more often than not, we have to work for it. And even if you do get the awesome sleeper, do you really want to spend more time than necessary on the session? Nope. No one wants to waste a new parents time; we want to get in and out of there and get the shots, too!(…)

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why taking photographs in the hospital can be helpful by Heather Meyer

hospital photography

by Heather Meyer

My four year old daughter has spent a good amount of her life in the hospital because of a chronic life
threatening disease. As time has gone by, I have become a huge advocate of taking pictures even when the circumstances are less than happy.

I have talked to many moms who are afraid to take pictures of their children when they are sad, hurting, experiencing serious illness or injury, or if they are hooked up to tubes or machines.(…)

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a day in the life with digital and film photographer and online workshop intstructor Caroline Jensen

a day in the life | caroline jensen

A Day In The Life with Caroline Jensen
I have to admit that our lives aren’t that interesting anymore. After moving for the military 17 times since 2002 we kind of like boring now. We spend most of the time on our farm where we homeschool, garden and play.
Here is a typical day for the Jensen house! The only thing missing is about three dozen images of me shooting pictures and camping out at the computer catching up at Clickin Moms.


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Jo Clark

iPhoneography tips

Are you enjoying the CM birthday party this week?  The festivities are in full swing everywhere you can find us whether it be the forum, facebook, instagram, or here on the blog!  Do you follow CM on Instagram?  We’re having a party there as well with birthday related CMglimpse prompts and random drawings each day with prizes for those who tag their images with #cmis5!  Head on over and participate but first, read up on these great iPhoneography tips from(…)

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a day in the life with Scottish photographer Katrina Stewart

a day in the life | kat stewart

A Day In The Life with Kat Stewart
So unless l am being super lazy, l start the day with a quick shower after which l kiss goodbye to any personal time/space until about 7.30pm.

My son is our alarm clock. Thankfully he is a champion sleeper and we are not usually up before 8am (please don’t hate me, if it helps, l seem to need about 9 hours sleep to function like a normal human being). We usually have some playtime(…)

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photography interview with CMpro of the month and street photographer Stacey Vukelj

interview with stacey vukelj

I’m not quite sure how it’s possible but it’s already March and that means there’s a new CMpro of the Month to introduce you too, Stacey Vukelj!  Stacey may be a New York lawyer but she also has a passion for street photography.  She’s crazy talented at her passion and we are so pleased to have her here today sharing her thoughts with us and giving us a taste of what’s to come!
march cmpro of the month | stacey vukelj

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Thankful to teach at a school where a precious 4th grade student with cancer can be honored and celebrated! He was able to show up and view the 3k walk in his honor...from his Mom's sunroof! It was an awesome experience to see the children waving at him as if he were a celebrity...and to see him smiling from ear to ear at all of the red shirts that had his name on them!

thankfulness contest winners

Did you join us for our very first Click Magazine contest?  Have you anxiously been waiting to see who the Thankfulness winners are?  Your wait is over and we have the winners here for you now!

First Place: Blair Colby, Palm Harbor, Fla.
Caption: “The greatest hero I never knew was the organ donor who saved my son’s life.”

Second Place: Lacey Butler, Spring, Texas
Caption: “I’m thankful for loving son and husband.”

Third Place: Stacy Jacob, Rancho Mirage, Calif.
Caption: “This moment is one to(…)

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