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a day in the life with lifestyle hobbyist photographer Heidi Adams

a day in the life | heidi adams

A Day In The Life with Heidi Adams
I am not an over achieving mom. I promise. I just ran out of cereal so…

School time for the older two.

Little bit of park time with the 3 littles before we go to the grocery store.

Grocery time!

The baby’s newest trick.

Off to the office supply store to buy daddy some pocket protectors. Not kidding.

I rarely eat  breakfast or lunch. I usually just grab snacks between the chaos. I am a bit obsessed with these(…)

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a day in the life with digital and film photographer and online workshop intstructor Caroline Jensen

a day in the life | caroline jensen

A Day In The Life with Caroline Jensen
I have to admit that our lives aren’t that interesting anymore. After moving for the military 17 times since 2002 we kind of like boring now. We spend most of the time on our farm where we homeschool, garden and play.
Here is a typical day for the Jensen house! The only thing missing is about three dozen images of me shooting pictures and camping out at the computer catching up at Clickin Moms.


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a day in the life with Scottish photographer Katrina Stewart

a day in the life | kat stewart

A Day In The Life with Kat Stewart
So unless l am being super lazy, l start the day with a quick shower after which l kiss goodbye to any personal time/space until about 7.30pm.

My son is our alarm clock. Thankfully he is a champion sleeper and we are not usually up before 8am (please don’t hate me, if it helps, l seem to need about 9 hours sleep to function like a normal human being). We usually have some playtime(…)

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body language creative photography exercise

Using Body Language to Create Captivating Photographs

When you think of human expression, to which part of the subject are you drawn? Most people are drawn to the face, specifically the eyes and – to a slightly lesser extent – the mouth. It is in the face that we pick up the most obvious emotional cues – sadness, happiness, anger, boredom, contentment, frustration, intensity. As students of human emotion know, however, true feelings are often conveyed by body language beyond the face. Studying body language can be(…)

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a day in the life with French photographer and CM mentor Anne Wick

a day in the life | anne wick

A Day In The Life with Anne Wick
Today, the day I photographed this, is Saturday. On the weekends, we like to sleep in… as much as our cats and our daughter will let us. This morning, these two came meowing and knocking at our door around 9, which is a reasonable time.

On our way downstairs to get breakfast, we meet the second feline member of the family, just being his cute and fluffy self.

I cannot function before I’ve had my(…)

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7 creative ideas for unconventional self portraits

In 2011, I wrote a tutorial for the CMblog that challenged you get on the other side of your camera (Because You Were There, Too: 13 Tips for Family Self Portraits). In the tutorial, we explored techniques and tips for better self portraits, how to involve your children, and more; since then, the article has been read by over 85,000 people, pinned over 49,000 times, and we at Clickin Moms have used it to challenge our members to do a(…)

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a day in the life with California lifestyle hobbyist photographer Allison Zercher of Snippets from Suburbia

a day in the life | allison zercher

A Day In The Life with Allison Zercher

Allison Zercher, California
website | facebook | pinterest | instagram | daily project
As a self proclaimed happy hobbyist, Allison minimally explored photography in her college years but didn’t get serious about it until 2004. Since then, she has completed several 365 projects and enjoys documenting her family, husband and two daughters, with a lifestyle approach. Ideally her days would be spent with friends and family, coffee, chips and salsa, and of course her camera,(…)

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Clickin Moms team and members getting together at Imaging USA 2013

Imaging USA 2013 wrap up

This was our second year at Imaging USA and what a great year it was!  We had another booth this year where we were constantly busy meeting so many great new people and lots of wonderful CM members.  There were classes, get-togethers, parties, and more!  This is always one of the most fun weeks of the year for us!

While at Imaging this year, we held a launch party for one of our newest ventures, Click Magazine!  It was a night(…)

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Celeste Jones

a day in the life | celeste jones

A Day In The Life with Celeste Jones
When I was asked to write about my own day in the life I thought…no one wants to see my day. I’m not that interesting. Okay, in my mind I am, but that’s in my mind ya know? My day in the life takes place on 12/21/12 and is a mixture of images captured with both my d700 and my iphone 4s.

Okay, so every morning this happens. I know I hit snooze about 3(…)

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first snow of the season and frost bokeh by Caryn Scanlan

4 Ways to Get Beautiful Bokeh

The word “bokeh” is a relatively new term (in popular use for less than twenty years) derived from the Japanese word “boke,” meaning blur or haze. When we refer to bokeh, we’re usually discussing the aesthetic quality of that blur, often describing it in terms of shape, softness, or smoothness.

[caption id="attachment_17384" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Ashley Spaulding[/caption]

What plays into bokeh? Let’s take a look at some of the primary factors.
1. Large Aperture
The top factor is shallow depth(…)

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egg photography by Shavan Flake

A classic artist’s exercise

Drawing an egg is a classic fine art exercise for those working in chalk, charcoal, or pencil. It’s a great way to study form and the way light and shadow work together to establish depth, dimension, and even mood. For this month’s creativity exercise, I challenge you to photograph one or more eggs. While drawing inspiration from the classic exercise (single egg, dramatic light) is a wonderful photographic undertaking and will no doubt produce some beautiful and unexpectedly creative work,(…)

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working at a New Jersey high school

a day in the life | courtney keim

A Day In The Life with Courtney Keim
Every morning I wake up before 5 to head out to Crossfit.  So often I want to roll over and go back to sleep but it’s literally the only part of the day that I get to be out and do something I love ALONE.  I have to be out of the house by 5:20 to make sure I make it to my 5:30 am class.  Any later, I won’t make it.

I get home(…)

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a day in the life | erin wheeler

A Day In The Life with Erin Wheeler
My kiddos were off school two days for conferences so this was a typical “off of school” day for us. My girls are pretty slow moving in the morning.

We usually start the day grabbing a quick breakfast. I usually get a cup of tea while the girls are eating and playing around.  I also start the day with checking my email and responding to any inquiries.

Shortly after the girls got dressed we got(…)

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close-up superhero photography

3 quick tips for close-up portraiture

This month, let’s take a look at extreme closeups in portraiture. For purposes of this creativity exercise, we will be producing images in which the subject’s head/face (or part of the face) fills the entire frame; the head itself should be touching or nearly touching at least two of the four edges of the frame.

[caption id="attachment_15473" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Narelle Bailey[/caption]

While a portrait need not be closeup to be intimate, it’s almost impossible to avoid intimacy in an extreme closeup of(…)

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outdoor natural light photograph from online workshop by MarissaGifford

win a seat | natural light with atmosphere

Megan Squires is set to start a new run of her inspirational and information packed photography workshop, Lighting 201: Natural Light with Atmosphere, on October 29th. This course will give you the tools necessary to shoot outside at any time of day from golden light to backlight to full sun and in any weather situation that Mother Nature can throw your way. Megan focuses on helping students to enhance their vision for an image through creative use of light. If you’ve(…)

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black and white child photography by kristabelle

5 tips for shooting through glass effectively

This month’s creativity focuses on shooting through a glass window, door, windshield, etc. While it may seem simple, shooting through glass in this way can bring an entirely new layer of depth to your image … introducing new textures, influencing the quality of light, drawing the viewer in as a plausible bystander on the scene, or establishing a new sense of context by incorporating reflections of the surrounding environment.

[caption id="attachment_14356" align="aligncenter" width="640"] kristabelle[/caption]
1. Focus Manually
When shooting through glass, you may(…)

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sibling photography and enforcing galleries by Melissa Koehler

ideas to help enforce client galleries

We’ve all been there before. The session was awesome, the family loves their photos, but they just won’t place their order. It’s something that I consistently see on the boards. I’m not going to talk about in person ordering because that’s a totally different, more in depth topic. I’m just going to talk about online galleries and how we can get our clients to order from them within the time frame provided.

Set expectations with your ordering process.
Making sure that you(…)

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Brittney Kluse

picking the perfect pinafore | a photographer’s guide to dressing clients for success

by CMpro Brittney Kluse
What I’ve learned after more than four years in this business is that for most of my clients, the utter thought of selecting — and even worse, coordinating clothing for multiple people *insert gasp here* — is enough to break a sweat on even the calmest of people.

I got to experience this firsthand after my first child was born. When thinking about our first family photograph, the thought that found its way to my head the quickest:(…)

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lifestyle with children online photography workshop by Ashley Spaulding

lifestyle photography with kids | a workshop interview

When it comes to photography education there are many avenues out there for you to use.  There are blogs filled with tutorials, photography forums, colleges, online workshops for photographers, and in-person photography workshops among others.  It can be difficult to decide which is best for you.  Today, we thought we’d offer up a little insight on CMU’s Shooting 201: Lifestyle Photography with Kids with instructor Ashley Spaulding via a mini interview.  Ashley is here to answer our questions and I(…)

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colorful camera cookie sugar cookies by Jodi Arego

camera cookie cutters and our favorite cookie recipes

As photographers, we love to WOW people with our beautiful photography.  But sometimes it’s fun to show them we are skilled in other areas too.  Imagine walking in to your next photographer meet-up holding these tasty treats. You would be the hit of the party with these cookies made from the Camera Cookie Cutters in the CMstore. Oh wait, you say you have no time to bake or decorate cookies?! Why not use them as sandwich cutters for the kids.(…)

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