photography class

waiting at a restaraunt picture by Meredith Novario

culling and editing to enhance your story

When I see a story unfolding in front of me I shoot first and ask questions later.

I let the story do its thing and decide afterwards (in Lightroom) which image packs the biggest narrative punch.

Lastly, I edit to emphasize the story.

For example, I recently went out to lunch with two of my people, Joe and Josie. As we sat ordering, whistling, and waiting for our burgers, my husband and daughter were, fortunately for me, bored. I love how they wear(…)

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a workshop preview: photographing with heart and vision

Photographing with Heart and Vision workshop is designed as a reflective and invigorating experience to connect your art with your soul.  In this 4 week online workshop with Jodi Arego, you will explore your heart and voice as an artist while at the same time examine the intentional choices to be considered when creating photographs that are both emotionally impactful and technically strong. Be inspired and encouraged to embrace who you are and express yourself authentically through your images.

Are you(…)

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