Photography by Lee Ann

tips for photographing weddings by Lee Ann Norris

how to get into wedding photography

by Lee Ann Norris

When I started my photography business back in 2007 I proclaimed loudly, strongly and with great confidence I was not ever going to shoot a wedding.  In fact, I was going to shoot babies, kids, and families.  But weddings, I would never shoot a wedding.  It was too stressful, you only had one shot, and I never wanted someone to look back and think my wedding pictures suck.  I am laid-back and chill, weddings weren’t for me. (…)

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Simple tips to get your subjects to relax in pictures

I am the ultimate cliche when put in front of the camera, I geek out and only show the nerdy side.  I am sure if I try to smile I will look like I am trying to be a hot model, and not me, so geeking out is my way of dealing with it.  You too?  Let’s talk about how to get people comfortable so you don’t have your clients doing some awkward face where everyone wonders what was going(…)

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