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a day in the life with photographer Pam Korman

a day in the life | pam korman

A Day In The Life with Pam Korman
Boy do we love summer around our house, lots of lazy days with no schedules, no routines and late bedtimes. So image my surprise, when the weekend I picked to shoot my A Day in the Life series ended up being pretty crazy. My husband suddenly was out of town for a few days and my boys were off with friends so that just left my daughter and me. She had a two-day(…)

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rain room by Allison McSorley

new mentors | summer 2013

Happy Summer friends! We are thrilled to announce the addition of nine new Mentors to the CMteam. Congratulations ladies and thank you for all that you do to help make CM the most educational, positive, friendly, and helpful photography forum around!
introducing the newest CMteam mentors!

Lisa Benemelis
CM Mentor
ask a pro

She may love to cook, bake, and garden but photography is where Lisa’s heart lies. Although her four children are older, all out of high school, she just began her journey(…)

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a day in the life with photographer Lee Ann Norris

a day in the life with lee ann norris

A Day In The Life with Lee Ann Norris
It’s summer and for us that means schools is out!  And we like to take full advantage.  This past weekend was a wedding one, so that meant today it was errands and kid time!  No work today.  :)  My mornings start out slow. The kids laze in bed and I eventually mustered up enough energy for my morning run.  It was fabulous.  I even saw a flower growing out of the street!!!  Thankfully(…)

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blog before online wordpress workshop

create an awesome blog(site)

Your web presence is important but customizing your website can be difficult and frustrating.  If you’re frustrated with your site, we have just the workshop for you, CMs Hands-On Wordpress Clinic taught by Courtney Keim!  In this online workshop, Courtney will walk you through setting up your site from the very beginning, including domain choices, to fully customizing your ProPhoto template.  Are you intrigued?  We have alum Allison Chewning here today sharing her experience from this incredible class!
by Allison Chewning

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Kelly Garvey

a day in the life | kelly garvey

A Day In The Life with Kelly Garvey
We aren’t very structured around our house. It would probably be good for the kids but I don’t think I was made that way! We sort of fly by the seat of our pants. One thing we do every day is stay busy because for some reason it feels like crazy town around here when we don’t have enough to do. Okay so a couple things stay consistent  from day to day. We(…)

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girl hugging her baby doll by Meredith Novario

a day in the life | meredith novario

A Day In The Life with Meredith Novario
Saturday means staying in bed as long as the kids will stand for it. Eventually and reluctantly, their charm wins us over and the bed makes itself just in case Joe and I make a mad dash to get back under the covers.

Then the excruciating prelude to the baseball game ensues.

At long, long last, the time has come to play ball.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program, life after baseball. On tap(…)

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May June cover of Click magazine for the modern photographer

May/June Click is here!

The May/June issue of Click magazine is just hitting mailboxes this week, brimming with stunning imagery, real-world photographic education and oodles of fun content sure to stimulate your artistic creativity.

Gracing our feature well this spring are world-class photographers helming an array of specialties. CMPro Monica Wilkinson’s pristine macro work, Kristen Cook’s touching newborn imagery, and Deb Schwedhelm’s immersive fine art are sure to sweep you away.

We’re thrilled to share that you’ll also find a moving and emotional essay on facing(…)

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photographers packaging station

How to keep your client workflow organized

I just finished my busiest holiday season, and with that came the need to keep things organized. With how busy things are, it’s easy to get lost with keeping everything organized. The key is to start with keeping things organized right from the very start. It’s always the hardest going back to the beginning and retracing steps so it’s best to just get it out of the way, and have a flow. It starts with the very first inquiry email.


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black and white portrait by Celeste Pavlik

How to find light and shadows

It wasn’t too long ago that I would seek out perfectly even, perfectly bright and perfectly direct light.  I quickly realized how much this style of shooting, while it isn’t wrong in any way, just wasn’t me.  I love capturing my subjects in pockets of light and indirect light, especially indoors.  What this means to me is finding light that gently meets the shadows on my subject.  Give me that and I’m a happy girl!

I think most of us can(…)

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angela pointon

get yourself published

by Angela Pointon
Just like any other marketing activity, the first thing you have to think about when you’re looking to get yourself covered by the media is ensuring the media you’re targeting is relevant to your target audience. What does that mean?

Sometimes we have a bad habit of idolizing publications, websites or blogs. But if our target audience (the people likely to buy our services) isn’t reading those, then there’s no sense in targeting your work toward their editors.

To start(…)

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recording your memories with a camera

keeping the snapshots

by Shannon Wilkinson

How many images do you keep from a portrait session you have just done with your child? Do you go through and cull images that you think aren’t good enough for anything other than your portfolio? I have done it. I would come home from a session and delete anything that didn’t match my vision. Often times, when I was first starting out, that would mean throwing away entire sessions. One day it dawned on me that before(…)

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Stacey Leece Vukelj

new mentors

Happy New Year friends!  There are a lot of great things in store for the Clickin Moms photography forum in 2013 and we couldn’t imagine a better way to start it off than by adding a few new mentors to an already amazing team?!  We received an unprecedented number of applications from fabulously passionate, helpful, and talented CMpros, and from among them we selected seven to join the team this year.  Congratulations ladies and thank you for all that you(…)

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lifestyle newborn photogrpahy tutorial by Michael Kormos

How to get unique perspectives with lifestyle newborn portraits

Like many family portrait photographers, we started off capturing newborns with props, blankets, swaddles, and accessories galore. Sophie loved the excuse for late-night shopping sprees on Etsy, and browsing antique stores soon became a weekly family outing. However, as we started getting more and more newborn bookings, we realized that something was missing for us. We’re both go-with-the-flow personalities, and with the endless attention to styling and perfecting tiny details, they’d sadly become our least favorite sessions. We no longer felt that butterflies-in-our-tummies giddiness for newborn sessions, and we wanted to figure out how to get that feeling back!(…)

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Allison Jacobs

6 tips for making your food photography shine

For many of us, we spend the majority of our time photographing our children and perfecting those techniques.  Photography food, however, is a completely different ball game.  If you struggle with photographing food then you’re going to love today’s article brought to you by guest writer and CMpro Allison Jacobs.  She’s an incredible food photographer and she’s here to share some of her favorite tips with us!
6 tips for making your food photography shine
by Allison Jacobs

1. Find the light
Just like(…)

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how to photograph and edit backlit images in photoshop elements

by Catherine Herndon
Creating gorgeous backlit images can be very intimidating.  When I first started, all of my backlit images came out very underexposed, hazy or overexposed.  I didn’t realize that it took practice and learning your camera’s different metering settings. The most important thing you can do for your photography is learn your camera in manual mode. The time of day also is important with backlit images because you want the sun low and behind, not above, your subject.  I(…)

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converting images to black and white in photoshop

by Ann Westerman
Lately I have been loving to shoot images specifically for processing in black and white.  I love my black and whites to have good tonal range and a lot of contrast.  What I mean by good tonal range is I want my image to have deep shadows, a range of mid-tones and some bright highlights and I usually want those bright highlights to fall on my subject.  I love for my subject’s face to have shadows, mid-tones and(…)

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5 easy street photography tips

My two year old son thinks it is a novelty to ride in a car yet he knows which subway line will bring us home. He is well acquainted with the art of chasing pigeons, the boat traffic along the Hudson River and the guy who delivers our Thai food. I’m not sure I could have predicted that we would be raising our kid in New York City but here we are, and if you could find me an extra(…)

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How to photograph your next vacation

You’ve spent hours researching the perfect family vacation. Beach? City? New destination or your favorite spot that you return to annually? Wherever you decide to go, inevitably the subject of “what should I bring for gear” pops up – usually around 10pm the night before you leave, if you’re anything like me.  It’s one of those decisions I always put off until the last minute, changing my mind over and over again before I hastily toss a few things into(…)

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camera lenses

a peek inside | megan moore

It’s time for another installment of one of our favorite blog series, a peek inside. Today we have Megan Moore!
a peek inside | megan moore

1. Think Tank Airport International roller bag. I love this bag.

2. Shootsac. Used mainly at weddings now, and fits perfectly in the front sleeve of the Think Tank.

3. Kelly Moore Classic bag in gray. I use this for most of my regular sessions.
4. How my Think Tank is configured inside. (See below for contents.)
5. Top flap of the Think Tank -(…)

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Photography Goals: making them and keeping them

Let’s talk about goals. Many of us have weight loss goals, financial goals, etc. but have you taken the time to make photography goals? Have you ever looked at another artist’s images and wonder to yourself how you get to that point? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary helps answer this question with the definition of goal; the end which effort is directed. We need to set goals and direct our efforts with the end in mind.

I would like to break down goal-setting(…)

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