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fine art nature photograph by online photography workshop instructor Elle Walker

fine art & visual expression

We have one of our newest workshops we would like to share with you and that is CMU’s new Fine Art and Visual Expression workshop by the lovely CM Mentor Elle Walker.  This is another 301 level course in our program that, with Elle’s guidance, will show you how to communicate through your photographs.  Let’s hear a little more about what Elle has to say in regards to this new course!

Hi, Elle, and thank you for answering some questions for(…)

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photography forum members favorite workshop photos

favorite workshop photos

Education is a never ending process in the world of photography.  Some choose to read photography books while others visit blogs.  There’s also forums, mentoring, and conventions but one of the most common ways to expand your knowledge is to take a workshop.  Some of our favorite threads in the forum is when someone finishes a workshop and shares the images they took during that time.  Always inspiring!  So, why not share some of those photos with you today?  We(…)

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my photography journey | tracy bradbury

My Photography Journey by Tracy Bradbury
I am so thrilled and excited to have been asked to share my photography journey with you all!

My journey really started as a child, even though I didn’t realize it then.  My Dad was an avid photographer and always had a camera with him when we went out or near him indoors to take photos of both myself and my younger sister and he encouraged me to use a little old camera that was an(…)

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Elle Walker Inquisitive

my photography journey | elle walker

My Photography Journey by Elle Walker
Photography has always been a way of life for me. I remember even as a little girl wanting to capture every detail of every occasion, trying to make sure it was never forgotten.  When my sister and I were in primary school, I would bribe her and her friends to model for me, using our old trampoline as a ‘black backdrop’, and talking them into ridiculous looking poses.  My Pop was also a very keen photographer,(…)

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My Photography Journey | Lacey Meyers

My Photography Journey by Lacey Meyers
I love bringing my photos to life in editing, finding amazing natural light, shooting wide-open, playing with depth of field, and blogging my photos. Two years ago, all of these things were foreign to me. Today, they are part of my life!

I ran in place for a very long time at the beginning of my photography journey. From the time I could afford my own camera and film I documented life. It was inevitable, really.(…)

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My Photography Journey | Gigi McGill

My Photography Journey by Gigi McGill
It’s been almost a year now since I discovered CM and wow, what a difference a year can make. I found CM while searching for tips/tricks/miracles to help me learn how to use my camera in manual mode. A lucky Google search led me to Shooting 101 and I signed up and registered on the spot. Up until that point I had been using my camera in program mode. While P mode does offer a(…)

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My Photography Journey | Stacey Haslem

My Photography Journey by Stacey Haslem
I can still remember the day when I got my first SLR camera. It was Christmas and I was thirteen. My dad sat down with me to explain the exposure triangle and I was hooked. I have always been more of numbers type of gal. This was my kind of art. My first pictures were of my sister riding her new bike. I took that camera with me everywhere including school sports where it got(…)

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