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female portrait by photography workshop instructore Megan Squires

atmosphere: a surrounding influence or environment

Natural Light with Atmosphere. That must be a course all on Mother Nature right? The wind, rain, sleet and snow. How to shoot when it’s raining cats and dogs. How to photograph your children during those stormy winter days. How to tackle the outdoor elements that might otherwise hinder your perfect vision for a sunny day shot.

“That’s not the class for me,” you might think. “It never snows here. Hardly even rains. A workshop on weather wouldn’t be the right(…)

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a workshop preview | mastering manual exposure

Mastering Manual Exposure is designed to help you learn how to meter in-camera and control your exposure and white balance while making informed decisions about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture in order to achieve your vision in-camera! You’ll examine common exposure pitfalls and how to correct them, and engage in a variety of creative assignments which will give you the confidence you need to capture consistent and beautiful images in any kind of situation. This four week online workshop with(…)

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a workshop preview | storymaking

What makes a good story anyway? We know one when we hear one. But how do we see a compelling story in a photograph? What elements make a narrative image powerful? How can our shooting and processing lend to the story we aim to tell? In CMU’s new workshop, Storymarking with Meredith Novario, you will learn to plan and build powerful narrative images.  You will dissect images for their story elements, consider what stories you are driven to tell and(…)

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A Workshop Preview: exploring creative photography

Exploring Creative Photography is designed to help you discover the emotions behind setting choices which will enable you to move past traditional photography and begin to pursue creativity and art in your work.  This four week online workshop with April Nienhuis will help you to explore the technical aspects of creative photography and learn to decide when to choose creative settings to tell the story you wish with your photography!

Here are just a few reviews from past students in this course:


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a workshop preview | timeless photography and emotive expression

Timeless Photography and Emotive Expression has been created for photographers who are ready to push the boundaries in their everyday work and to progress their classic portraits into enduring works of art.  This four week online workshop with Emma Wood will help you take your photography to the next level and will increase your confidence in your work and abilities!

Here are just a few reviews from past students in this course:

I’ve admired Emma’s work for some time and to be able(…)

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photographing in natural light advice from Megan Squires

a workshop preview | natural light with atmosphere

Learn how to capture the beauty of natural light no matter what the weather conditions are in Natural Light with Atmosphere!  This four week online workshop with Megan Squires will help you take your natural light photography to the next level and will give you the confidence to embrace all kinds of light!

Here are just a few reviews from past students in this course:

I came into this course at a point in my journey where I felt I had really hit(…)

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photographers packaging station

How to keep your client workflow organized

I just finished my busiest holiday season, and with that came the need to keep things organized. With how busy things are, it’s easy to get lost with keeping everything organized. The key is to start with keeping things organized right from the very start. It’s always the hardest going back to the beginning and retracing steps so it’s best to just get it out of the way, and have a flow. It starts with the very first inquiry email.


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beginner online photography workshop by Amy Lucy Lockheart for Clickin Moms

first steps with a DSLR

The New Year is right around the corner and with the New Year comes a new lineup of photography workshops through CMU.  With that lineup we have four (yes, FOUR) new workshops being introduced!  We’ll be introducing each one of them here on the Clickin Moms photography blog for you and the first one up is First Steps With A DSLR by CMmentor and Click Magazine’s Products Editor Amy Lucy Lockheart.  Amy has been kind enough to answer a few(…)

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natural light photography workshop

heather stockett alumni interview | natural light with atmosphere

It’s a monthly occurrence – you get the open registration email in, you run over and read all the information provided on all the incredible photography workshops available, but you wonder, “which one is right for me?”  We may be a little biased (we think all the workshops are amazing), but today we’d like you to look a little closer at CMmentor Megan Squire’s Shooting 201: Natural Light With Atmosphere online photography workshop through CMU.  Instead of having Megan come(…)

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getting it right in camera | a cm breakout session

Congratulations to our CMPro of the Month, Kristin Ingalls! Kristin has created a mini-breakout session that is full of beautiful imagery, plus great tips and suggestions for those of you who are working to perfect sooc image composition and basic light use. By covering how she uses the same lighting situation in several different ways, Kristin offers you ideas on how to add wonderful variety to any session in a short amount of time.
Getting it Right in Camera | Considerations(…)

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