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cmpro of the month interview with stacey haslem

Happy Spring friends! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to April’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Stacey Haslem! And now for an enlightening interview with Stacey.
april cmpro of the month | stacey haslem
by Jodi Arego

Hi, Stacey! First of all, congratulations on being Clickin Moms’ Pro of the Month!  Can you start off by telling us a little more about yourself?
I live in Modesto, California, but I grew up in Wyoming. I remember as a child(…)

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cmpro of the month interview with mickie devries

Happy March friends! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to March’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Mickie DeVries! And now for an enlightening interview with Mickie.
march cmpro of the month | mickie devries
by Nina O’Connell

Hi, Mickie! Congratulations on being Clickin Moms’ Pro of the Month! Can you start off by telling us a little more about yourself?
Thanks so much for having me as the Pro of the Month, I’m very excited and honored.  I’m a(…)

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atmosphere: a surrounding influence or environment

Natural Light with Atmosphere. That must be a course all on Mother Nature right? The wind, rain, sleet and snow. How to shoot when it’s raining cats and dogs. How to photograph your children during those stormy winter days. How to tackle the outdoor elements that might otherwise hinder your perfect vision for a sunny day shot.

“That’s not the class for me,” you might think. “It never snows here. Hardly even rains. A workshop on weather wouldn’t be the right(…)

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a new perspective on photography

by April Nienhuis
When I was little, I loved to color.

I loved it so much, and was pretty good at it, that I won several coloring competitions held in my town one Halloween when I was about 5 years old.  While I may not color much anymore, my youngest child shares the same joy for coloring that I once did.  Of my 3 kids, she’s the one most likely to color inside the lines too.

What does this have to do with(…)

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a workshop preview: wordpress, seo, and online presence

Is your website an accurate reflection of your brand and your work?

Does it attract your target clientele?

Do you appear in a Google search for your city and genre of photography?

If your answer is not “Yes” then Business 102 is the workshop for you!

The Wordpress, SEO and Online Presence workshop with Beth Wade focuses on the creation, customization and marketing of your blog and portfolio sites. Whether you are a hobbyist or in business, this course covers every aspect of developing(…)

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cmpro of the month interview with lissa chandler

Happy February friends! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to February’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Lissa Chandler! And now for an enlightening interview with Lissa.
february cmpro of the month | lissa chandler
by Megan Cieloha

A warm congratulations to you on Pro of the Month, Lissa! We’d love to hear a little about what brought you to this point in your photography journey. How did you get started and how did you end up where you(…)

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Free daily downloads, a quick survey, and the top January blog posts

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interview with megan dill

Happy New Year friends!  Let’s start this year off with a huge congratulations to January’s CMpro of the Month, the incredibly talented Megan Dill! Let’s kick this year off with an interview with Megan!
january cmpro of the month | megan dill

by Elicia Graves

Hi Megan!  A big congrats to you on being January’s CMpro of the month.  Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your photographic journey?
Hello, and thank you so much!  This is such a huge honor for(…)

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interview with dana lauder

Huge congratulations to December’s CMpro of the Month, the incredibly talented Dana Lauder!  Let’s kick this month off with an interview with Dana!
december cmpro of the month | dana lauder
by Marissa Gifford

Hi, Dana! Thank you so much for being with us here today.  I’d love to start off by hearing more about yourself?
Well, I’m 33 years old and I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband, 2 year old son and 2 cats. I’m a chemical engineer by trade, and(…)

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interview with allison mcsorley

Huge congratulations to November’s CMpro of the Month, the incredibly talented Allison McSorley!  Let’s kick this month off with an interview with Allison!
november cmpro of the month | allison mcsorley

by Lisa Benemelis

Hello, Allison! Congratulations on being this months CMPro! Can you start us off by telling everyone a little about who you are and how you got involved with photography?
Thank you, Lisa. It’s such an honor to be CMpro of the Month. I am originally from Massachusetts but have moved(…)

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interview with jo clark

It’s October, the month where leaves start to change and boots are being pulled out of the closet. October also brings a new CMpro of the Month, Jo Clark!  Jo is a brilliant photographer who’s work oozes fun, just like her.  Today we have her here on our photography blog being interviewed by her good friend and fellow CMpro, Corinne McCombs!
october cmpro of the month | jo clark

by Corinne McCombs

Hi Jo! Let’s get to know a bit about you and(…)

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interview with jackie jean

It’s September, the month where school is back into full swing and the weather is starting to change.  September also brings a new CMpro of the Month, Jackie Jean!  Jackie is an amazingly talented photographer from Portland and we are thrilled to have her here on the CMblog today answering just a few of our questions!
august cmpro of the month | jackie jean
by Elicia Graves

Hi Jackie!  Could you tell us about how you started your journey as a photographer?
I decided(…)

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new photography workshop offerings

Are you ready to see the amazing new photography workshops we have available for you through CMuniversity?  Below are just a few of the new courses being offered and we’ll be back very soon to let you know what else is in the works so make sure and check back!
new photography workshops
Shooting 102: Mastering Manual Exposure
Instructors:  Michelle Turner, Melissa Gibson, Megan Squires

Description:  Take your photography to the next level with this four week course designed to help you master manual(…)

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interview with sarah lalone

Yet another month has come and gone and that means it’s time to introduce you to yet another CMpro of the Month.  This month we bring you the amazingly talented Sarah Lalone of Punch Photographic!  Sarah is a fantastic lifestyle photographer who loves to shoot a little bit of everything from food to travel.  Enjoy the interview below where she shares many of her insights about photography and her style!
august cmpro of the month | sarah lalone
by Stacey Vukelj

Hi, Sarah!(…)

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4 simple posing tips

by Lora Swinson
Posing your subject is an important element in photography.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to posing but I have four quick and simple tips for you!
Take That Second Glance:
When you are in the middle of a session, things can get hectic pretty quickly.  When it comes to posing, one of the biggest traits you can pick up as a photographer is to take 2 seconds and double check your pose.  Where are your subject’s(…)

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posed for success

Are you ready to learn about another one of our newest photography workshops set to debut in January?  Today Lora Swinson is here to share more about her upcoming workshop, Shooting 101: Posed for Success (teaching assistants will include Amii Wroblewski, Jennifer Dell, and Dana Tate).  You’ve asked for a class on posing and it’s finally here.  Read more below to find out exactly what Lora will cover in this awesome new workshop!
an introduction to the posed for success workshop


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The CMpost (Issue 77): “Holiday Gift Guide, November contest, and Blogging for Photographers”

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The CMpost (Issue 75): “CMpro Fall Gallery Collection, November creativity exercise, and minding the details”

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a video photoshop tutorial | before and after in CS6

by Lisa Harrison
So are you still undecided about making the jump to Adobe Photoshop CS6? Go for it!  You’ll love it! If you’re familiar with CS4 or CS5, you really won’t have much of a learning curve at all. The main thing that is different is how the adjustment panel works. You still have an adjustment panel but you now have a Properties Panel where you make changes to your chosen adjustment. You still choose your adjustments from the adjustment(…)

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