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interview with Melissa Stottmann

interview with melissa stottmann

Another month is here and that means it’s time for another CMpro of the Month.  For July, we are happy to announce that the wonderfully talented Melissa Stottmann is that CMpro!  Please take a moment and enjoy her beautiful work and the inspiring words she has left here for you!
july cmpro of the month | melissa stottmann
by Kristin Ingalls

Hi, Melissa. I’m looking forward to getting to know more about you. To start, can you tell us a little bit about(…)

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photography interview with cmpro of the month Elena Blair 14

interview with elena blair

It’s June (how?!) and we’re kicking off this month on the CMblog with an interview from CMpro of the Month, Elena Blair.  We are thrilled to have Elena here sharing her beautiful work and inspiring words!
june cmpro of the month | elena blair
by Melissa Koehler

Congratulations on being this month’s CMpro of the Month, Elena!  I’d love to start your interview with you telling us a little about yourself and how you became interested in photography.

Thank you so much, I am(…)

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photographer interview with CMpro of the Month, Pam Korman

interview with pam korman

Hello, May!  How lovely of you to sneak up on us like that!  Here on the Clickin Moms blog, we are going to start the month right by introducing you to a brand new CMpro of the Month, Pam Korman.  Pam is an incredible photographer and we are so excited to have her here on the CMblog to learn a little more about her!
may cmpro of the month | pam korman
by Melissa Gibson

Hello Pam! Can you start us off by(…)

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Pam Korman

double exposures

by Pam Korman
What is a double exposure? Quite simply, it is the combination of two images. How those images are combined can happen a few different ways. It can be done in a photo-editing program like Photoshop, after the fact, but I like the creative freedom that comes from deliberately planning and shooting one image on top of another. This can be done digitally (and I will talk about that in a bit) but, for me, the fun comes in(…)

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photography interview with April 2013 CMpro of the Month Celeste Jones

interview with celeste jones

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is here (whether it feels like it or not) and there’s a sense of newness around.  Not only is it time for new flowers, new grass, and fresh new leaves on the tree, but it’s also time for a new CMpro of the Month, Celeste Jones!  Celeste is a long time member of Clickin Moms and a brilliantly talented photographer.  Her work is full of honesty and emotion and we are(…)

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photography interview with CMpro of the month and street photographer Stacey Vukelj

interview with stacey vukelj

I’m not quite sure how it’s possible but it’s already March and that means there’s a new CMpro of the Month to introduce you too, Stacey Vukelj!  Stacey may be a New York lawyer but she also has a passion for street photography.  She’s crazy talented at her passion and we are so pleased to have her here today sharing her thoughts with us and giving us a taste of what’s to come!
march cmpro of the month | stacey vukelj

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how to take photos of kids jumping on the bed by Lisa Tichane

5 ways to rock your toddler session

If you read photography forums, you are probably aware that toddlers are supposed to be a photographers nightmare. They don’t listen to instructions, move all the time, run away from you whenever they can, drive their parents crazy, throw your props away and will probably hate all of the brilliant ideas that you had carefully prepared when you planned the shoot. I have to admit that every single thing in this list is true (and can be even worse in real life).(…)

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photography interview with february cmpro of the month Jennifer Dell

interview with jennifer dell

February is here and that means it’s time for another CMpro of the Month.  This month, we are thrilled to have Texas photographer Jennifer Dell as the CMpro of the Month!  Jennifer is a wildly talented, natural light children’s photographer.  We love that we got to see inside her head a bit with this interview and, of course, to see all her gorgeous work here!
february cmpro of the month | jennifer dell
by Melissa Koehler

You’ve always had an interest in art(…)

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black and white child photograph by Kate T Parker

interview with kate t parker

Happy New Year friends!  We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season and that 2013 kicks off with a great start!  We are kicking off the New Year with our very first CMpro of the Month for the year, the fabulous Kate T Parker!  Kate is a brilliant natural light photographer with a knack for creating beautiful and dramatic art.  We are thrilled to have an interview with Kate be the first thing on our photography blog(…)

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cheap online photography workshops by Tiffany Bender of Munckins and Mohawks for Clickin Moms

head in the clouds | moving past limits | a cm breakout session

We are thrilled to present a CMpro Breakout Session featuring Munchkins and Mohawks photography! Tiffany, September’s CMpro of the Month, is well known for her imaginative images that capture the individual spirit of her subjects. Tiffany’s photography has the ability to keep viewers continually coming back for more, as we can’t wait to see what she will create next! Join us in a Breakout Session that gives a peak into the magic that is Munchkins and Mohawks photography, while inspiring(…)

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