lifestyle photograph by MWAC Melissa Gibson

more than a hobbyist

I am a mom and I am a photographer.  Since I am not a business owner, I am a considered a “hobbyist”.  However, I am not “just a hobbyist”.

I am an artist.

Even more than an artist?

I am a storyteller.

Seven months before my first girl was born, I was writing about her.  I wrote letters to her in her own journal.  Skipping by my old personal journal to now jot down notes about her life instead.  I remember putting my thoughts(…)

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It’s OKAY to be an MWAC. Really.

If you had asked me this time last year when I was going to start a photography business, you would have probably heard me say, “I’m not good enough to start my own business yet.”  If you asked me the same question today, I would tell you that I have chosen not to go into business.

Maybe you have found yourself in conversations with friends, and possibly friends of friends, who have taken notice of your growing love for photography and(…)

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