lifestyle photograph by MWAC Melissa Gibson

more than a hobbyist

by Melissa Gibson
I am a mom and I am a photographer.  Since I am not a business owner, I am a considered a “hobbyist”.  However, I am not “just a hobbyist”.

I am an artist.

Even more than an artist?

I am a storyteller.

Seven months before my first girl was born, I was writing about her.  I wrote letters to her in her own journal.  Skipping by my old personal journal to now jot down notes about her life instead.  I remember putting(…)

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It’s OKAY to be an MWAC. Really.

The dreaded acronym.  MWAC.  Mom with a camera.  Raise your hand if you’re also tired of hearing this term used in a derogatory manner?  One of our amazing CMPros, Leah Christenson has written a fabulous article outlining how it really IS okay to be an MWAC.  Be proud!  Just because you can rock your camera doesn’t mean you have to rock it for anyone else but yourself.  You do not HAVE to go into business.  Thanks for the wonderful insight(…)

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