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A day in the life with Vermont photographer Kristy Dooley

a day in the life | kristy dooley

Hi everyone! When I was asked to photograph a Day-In-The-Life I put it off for weeks, waiting for the “perfect” day when I would have nothing to do except photograph our day. As I’m sure many of you can relate, that day never came. On this particular day, I was at the end of a head cold and hit snooze a few too many times. My normal 5am start got pushed back to 6am and shortly after I made my way downstairs, I was reminded of why I wake up so early. My youngest followed me downstairs in the dark claiming she was thirsty.(…)

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A day in the life with Florida photographer Bethney Backhaus

a day in the life | bethney backhaus

7:00 am! Baby Lennon is up. I put a few toys in bed with her with the hopes that she will let me get a few more minutes of sleep before we have to get up for the day.

I remember it’s a school day so I change the baby’s diaper and get Finley up. A quick breakfast and we hit the road.(…)

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A day in the life with California photographer Jennifer Jabbour

a day in the life | jennifer jabbour

Every day in my house starts out with my morning cup of joe. It’s what gets me going. I’ll typically drink my coffee (always iced) while the kids sleep in or watch cartoons. The dogs just kind of hang around, waiting for someone to drop some food or open the door.(…)

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A day in the life with New York photographer Kelly Rodriguez

a day in the life | kelly rodriguez

A Day In The Life with Kelly Rodriguez
Hi! Here’s a little peek into a typical day in our house.

We are new to NYC, moved up from Miami, and are enjoying our first real change of seasons!

My husband is in his 1st year of a medical residency, so he is long gone before we even wake up in the morning. So our mornings typically look like this… both kids in my bed.

After a little cuddle time, it’s time to get ready(…)

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A day in the life with Florida photographer Winnie Bruce

a day in the life | winnie bruce

A Day In The Life with Winnie Bruce
I’m usually pretty good at documenting little things here and there. I possibly might have expected a bit too much from my family when I decided to take photos after a 25-hour flight, and adjusting to a 13-hour time difference.

My kids and I went home to the Philippines for almost four months. Prior to that, we did a cross-country move from California to Florida. We haven’t had a typical day in the life(…)

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A day in the life with California photographer Lisa Benemelis

a day in the life | lisa benemelis

A Day In The Life with Lisa Benemelis
My day begins at 5:15 in the morning even though it is my birthday and I would much rather hang out in bed a little longer.  I face the day with a hot cup of coffee and 15 minutes of peace and quite before heading out to meet my oldest daughter at the trail for a long run.

My two daughters and I are training for the Women’s Nike Half Marathon that we will(…)

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A day in the life with Atlanta photographer Elizabeth Blank

a day in the life | elizabeth blank

A Day In The Life with Elizabeth Blank
I initially chose Saturday, September 13th as my “day” because that was the day that I was traveling home from Click Away and, in my mind, it was going to be a calm day of travel filled with amazing architecture, interesting light and composition, and the comforts of home at the end of a long day. Well, isn’t it funny how our perception can be so different from actual reality? In reality, my(…)

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A day in the life with Seattle photographer Elena Blair

a day in the life | elena blair

A Day In The Life with Elena Blair
It is the first rainy morning this school year!  Daddy is already off to work and has a late meeting so he won’t be home until after bedtime tonight.  Bummer.  Everyone always climbs into our bed first thing.  I call it a Marlo love fest as the older two love to start their day loving on their baby sister.

Time to change the babies diaper and get her dressed.  Meanwhile, I encourage the other(…)

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A day in the life with Atlanta photographer Melissa Gibson

a day in the life | melissa gibson

A Day In The Life with Melissa Gibson
A day in the life at my house is usually quite busy.  Things can get a little hairy with three girls, two dogs, one husband, soccer, horse riding lessons and homework.  I chose to photograph a typical Tuesday around here.  I’m now realizing that I somehow missed photographing homework time or all girls having their teeth brushing time, but I assure you that we did both.

Our day begins at 5:45 in the morning. (…)

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A day in the life with Washington photographer Marissa Gifford

a day in the life | marissa gifford

A Day In The Life with Marissa Gifford
Hi there, everyone! I’m excited to share a special Day in the Life with you! Every summer our family visits a cabin on Swan Lake in NW Montana with my husband’s family. He’s one of 7 children, so it’s a week filled with fun, family, relaxation, reading, card games, water sports and cousin heaven for the little ones. This place holds a very special place in my family’s heart and visiting is always(…)

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A day in the life with Massachusetts photographer Annie Morris

a day in the life | annie morris

A Day In The Life with Annie Morris
August is my favorite month.  The weather is warm, but there is a coolness in the air. The crowds of tourists drift away and we are left to squeeze in as much summer fun as we can before the sun sets. This is what a day in the life on Cape Cod looks like.

Annie Morris, Massachusetts
website | facebook | instagram
Annie Morris is a hobbyist photographer living on Cape Cod, MA. She enjoys capturing(…)

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a day in the life with Canadian photographer Ardelle Neubert

a day in the life | ardelle neubert

A Day In The Life with Ardelle Neubert
Summer holidays mean more time with my boys (Coen and Jarett), summer heat (plus no snow, yeah) and spending our days in the beautiful mountain valley of Columbia Valley, BC. This was also a long weekend so hubby joined us, we got 5 whole days with dad, double yeah!

Starting my day at sunrise to go for a run.

Home for breakfast and a tea.

Jarett wasn’t too happy with my breakfast choice of oatmeal with(…)

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a day in the life with Michigan photographer Sarah Kossuch

a day in the life | sarah kossuch

A Day In The Life with Sarah Kossuch
Welcome to my daily life as a mom of four, a wife and a full time wedding photographer in the month of July!

Every morning varies whether I’m up first or the kids. It just so happened that on this particular day, I was up first. The living room is quiet however; it’s the calm before the storm – ha!

I’m a HUGE coffee gal. If I do not have my morning cup of Joe, I(…)

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a day in the life with California lifestyle photographer Elicia Graves

a day in the life | elicia graves

A Day In The Life with Elicia Graves
Our day gets started bright and early and I set the girls up with some paper, crayons and markers while I get them breakfast.  They show me their artwork with proud little faces and then they eat their breakfast while I step outside to water my succulents.

Lazy bones lounges in the living room while the girls are otherwise occupied.

We live about ten minutes from the beach and as it is a beautiful day, we(…)

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a day in the life with Indiana photographer Jenna Stoller of Patch 36 Photography

a day in the life | jenna stoller

A Day In The Life with Jenna Stoller

The Stoller kids are awake first. We are actually shy one as he is at a friends house. Saylor is always hungry in the morning and Ridge never is, so she is the breakfast assistant. It’s a breakfast of champions: wheat toast and homemade jam.

Ridge cuddles up with dad in bed. He is a very cuddly boy and usually is content lying beside one of us with a toy. You can see his helicopter(…)

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a day in the life with Arizona photographer Katie Woodard

a day in the life | katie woodard

A Day In The Life with Katie Woodard
So this is a typical day in my life… just kidding! However it was a recent, real and wonderful summer day!  I decided to document the last day of a 4 day river trip (full sun and all!), which is my very favorite way to spend time with my family. River running is where my husband and I met, and now I love sharing that love with my children. Our day began bright and(…)

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Alana Rasbach

a day in the life | alana rasbach

A Day In The Life with Alana Rasbach
Our day (for the most part)

Wake up call at 6:27am.

Take a step outside to water plants & pick veggies with my early riser.

Look at the dishes in the sink and decide to ignore them.

Now both boys are up and ready for breakfast and some PBS kids.

Get dressed and go to my favorite book store, McKay’s. Score multiple treasures.

Drive back home, make lunches and put boys down for naps. Me time with a side of(…)

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a day in the life with canadian photographer Sarah Lalone of Punch Photographic

a day in the life | sarah lalone

A Day In The Life with Sarah Lalone

Welcome to a day in my life.  It always starts the same way barring some sort of emergency situation.  It starts with me seeing just how long I can stay in bed because that’s my favorite place to be.  Typically the dogs pile on me and Henry (my youngest) comes in to watch cartoons for a few minutes before we face the day.

Eventually I deal with the fact that I have to get up. (…)

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a day in the life with canadian photographer jen bebb

a day in the life | jen bebb

A Day In The Life with Jen Bebb
Each day begins with a coffee delivery while I’m still in bed. Today it was my husband, but the boys take turns waking me this way too. They know I’m not a natural morning person, so they ease me into each day with coffee in bed and the time to read a few pages of whatever book I’m enjoying at the moment.

After 15 – 20 minutes, I head downstairs to join their morning routine.


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Carolyn Brandt

a day in the life | carolyn brandt

A Day In The Life with Carolyn Brandt
This is what a random Thursday looked like. Mostly routine, but some unplanned. My boy running around sans undies in the morning before preschool? Routine. A pop-in visit from my husband’s aunt and sister to teach me a couple of Belizian dishes? Definitely unplanned. But my day also consisted of a delicious lunch from a farmers market that magically appears every Thursday, the inspection and eating of amazing honey right from the honeycomb courtesy(…)

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