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photography interview with lifestyle photographer Erika Ray

erika ray interview

We love photography interviews and today we are excited to bring you an interview with photographer and blogger Erika Ray.  Erika has a very honest approach to her lifestyle photography that we just can’t get enough of.  Enjoy the insights that she has for you today!

an interview with erika ray
by Celeste Pavlik

Tell us a little bit about you and your photography journey, and maybe a little about what’s in your bag too!
I live in Columbus, OH and married my next-door(…)

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photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

zoe berkovic interview

Today we have a very special interview for you from the one and only Zoe Berkovic!  Zoe is a brilliant photographer who has a gift for capturing honest expressions from children and including a sense of humor with it.  Not only is she sharing with you today but she’s got more in store for you too – read on to find out!

an interview with zoe berkovic
by Jennifer Dell

I absolutely love your work! Can you tell us how you got started(…)

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walking on a trail black and white photography

interview with anne wick

Hello there and welcome to the month of December!  It’s time to break out the mittens (or the swimsuits if you’re further south), trim the tree, wrap some presents, and introduce you to the last CMpro of the Month in 2012, the always lovely Anne Wick.  Anne is a tremendous photographer who has been in love with this craft for quite some time and it has been a huge pleasure to watch her incredible growth over the last two years.  It’s(…)

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couple photography by Chloe Ramirez

november cmpro of the month | chloe ramirez

Hello November!  How did you show up so soon?  The seasons are changing, the holiday decor is appearing in the stores (way too early if you ask me!), and pumpkin spice lattes are being talked about everywhere.  There’s also a new CMpro of the Month to introduce you to…Chloe Ramirez!  Chloe is such an incredible photographer who has a true gift for photographing couples.  I had the privilege of interviewing her for our photography blog and I am thrilled to(…)

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cultivating creativity and vision | a cm breakout session

cultivating creativity and vision | a cm breakout session

Cultivating Creativity and Vision with Julia Stotlar ($25 Opens 10/2)
In this breakout session, Julia shares where she finds inspiration and how she generates ideas. She details steps you can take to foster your creativity and begin to develop a vision for an image or session. She then shows you how she uses her vision to capture moments during a session and the post-processing methods she utilizes to create a final image.

You will receive a 52-page PDF loaded with tips, challenges(…)

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twin newborn photography by Julia Stotlar

october cmpro of the month | julia stotlar

Happy October friends!  A new month is here, the weather is changing, and we have a new CMpro of the Month for you – the wonderful Julia Stotlar.  Julia is an amazingly talented photographer and I am always mesmerized by her beautiful use of light and how she portrays her subject’s feelings in each photo.  The best part of photography interviews like these is getting a little peek inside the head of these fantastic photographers that I (and you) admire so(…)

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june cmpro of the month | alicia gould

June is here and it’s time to introduce you to our new CMpro of the Month, the awesome Alicia Gould!  Alicia is an amazing photographer who specializes in babies and families and she’s also a great businesswoman.  Keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes because we’ll be sending out registration notification (if you don’t receive our newsletter you can sign up here) next Tuesday June 5th to Alicia’s incredible new breakout session, From Inquiry to Sale, designed to help you(…)

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may cmpro of the month | emma wood

It’s another month and time for another CMpro of the month.  For May we have our super talented CMpro Emma Wood!  Emma is not only an amazing photographer but she is a kind and generous person.  She has a love for light and black and white photography and has been working on something new for Clickin Moms.  Keep an eye out on the CM forums for an announcement later this month!
may cmpro of the month | emma wood

Tell us briefly(…)

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april cmpro of the month | bre thurston

It’s April (how?) and we are excited to introduce you to the newest cmpro of the month, the highly talented Bre Thurston!  The CMteam got the opportunity to meet Bre at WPPI this year and let me tell you, she is just as sweet and kind in person as she is on the board.  We are thrilled to have her as the pro of the month and keep your eyes out later in the month for a little something special(…)

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march cmpro of the month | jenny cruger

It’s March! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our March cmpro of the month, the fabulous Jenny Cruger!  A longtime CMmember, Jenny has been inspiring us with her gorgeous use of light for a long time and we’re so happy to have her as our pro of the month.  Look for more exciting news about this talented artist coming up a little later in the month on CM!
march cmpro of the month | jenny cruger

If you could take only three(…)

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