Example photo of full frame vs crop sensor crop by Jessica Nelson

What the crop? Full frame and crop sensors explained.

As with many photographers, I started my interest in digital photography with a smaller and less expensive camera. I wanted to dabble without spending a ton of money. So in 2007 I bought the Canon 30D. I knew this camera was a crop sensor, or APS-C, when I bought it and I learned how to adjust the focal lengths of my lenses to make it work for me.

Let’s start with the basics, what is the sensor?(…)

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7 cures for the photographer blues

Let’s face it. The longer you make images, the harder it becomes to feel creative, and that leads to boredom and sometimes sadness. What used to send chills of excitement up your spine, now may make you feel a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing. Ruts are just part of life and they are actually a good thing because they spur on growth. The true benefit comes when you jump over the hurdle and find the inspiration on the other side.(…)

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close up of desktop of photographer Melissa Stottmann 10

DIY desk for 2 people

When we moved into our home we knew that eventually the front formal “living room” would serve us better as an office type of space. After living in our home and having a single small desk for 3 years, we knew it was time to create something that could be functional for both of us.
After researching for quite a while, we saw this DIY desk tutorial and knew it could work for us with a few tweaks. We measured the wall (11 feet, 10 inches across) and considered what cabinets to purchase. A small roadblock was realizing that using cabinets would be taller than a typical desk and after finding counter height chairs, we forged ahead!(…)

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Jennifer Nobriga 5

Meet our 10 new Mentors!

We have so many exciting things planned for the Clickin Moms community this year, and the absolute best way to kick things off is by by announcing the incredible, talented photographers who have just joined the CMteam as Mentors. Please join us in congratulating the following women who inspire and help our community so much:(…)

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8 ways to successfully grow your Instagram by April Nienhuis

8 ways to successfully grow your Instagram

Whether you’re running a full time business or just wanting to get your work out there to others, Instagram is a great and underutilized tool.

Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. I started using it personally just over 4 years ago (my first photo there was of my almost 5 year old toddling across the living room) and part of my focus at Clickin Moms has been curating the Instagram account for about 2 years now. I’ve learned a few things along the way and I’m excited to share them with you today!(…)

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Art journal with a cup of coffee photo by Jodi Arego

The 1 best thing you can do for your art in the new year

So, it’s been a fanciful month and a half filled to the brim with lights and baking and parties and gifts and crafting and holiday cheer. Our bellies are full. And our hearts are fuller. Now that we’ve gingerly packed up our decorations and are making our way out of the end-of-year-post-holiday crazies, if you’re like me, you dream of a fresh start to a new year that somehow looks much simpler than these last few weeks have been. (…)

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5 tell-tale signs it's time for a new camera by Meredith Novario

5 tell-tale signs it’s time for a new camera

As fun as it is to fantasize about getting a new camera body, it isn’t always, or even often, the most practical course of action. Since photography is a wildly expensive pursuit, we need reason on our side before throwing cash at a new camera body. Give your daydreams a bowl of popcorn and a seat on the couch while we talk reason at the grown-up table.

You really, truly may need a new camera body. If you are hankering for one just because the newest models look “better”, bigger, or more professional then consider these signs to decide whether or not the time is right for a new camera. (…)

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The photography journey of Mississippi photographer Liz Behm

my photography journey | liz behm

My journey begins like many other moms. In 2008, I was a new mom and I was so frustrated at always “missing the shot”. I had thousands of blurry, boring snapshots of my son and no real understanding of what it took to get the shots I was drooling over.(…)

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mom swinging daughter by Heather Lazark

17 photos that bring us joy: the word project

2014 has seen a wonderful start to the CMteam Word Project, with almost a years worth of images and words. Each month, the CMteam are given a single word and asked to interpret it through individual images.

This month, to represent the festive season, the word Joy was chosen. It’s particularly poignant to end this years project with such a word, and it perfectly sums up what this project has meant to everyone who has participated.

The CMteam look forward to continuing the Word Project into 2015, expressing creativity and diversity through their unique styles and perspectives.(…)

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A day in the life with Mississippi photographer Liz Behm

a day in the life | liz behm

Hi guys! Here’s a quick peek into our crazy life! When I took this DITL, our youngest wasn’t even two weeks old yet. So things were a bit more crazy than usual. And it was one of the dreariest days so far this fall, so my usual light filled home was a complete cave! I’m not a fan of the dark and gloomy winters! Anyways, here’s a look at a “typical” day as we figure out life with 5 kids!(…)

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winter sunset by Kristen Ryan

Snow Photos: 4 things to consider

The leaves have fallen and the cold has set in. The gorgeous, bold and bright colors of fall that acted as a magnet to compel us to pick up our cameras and head outside are gone. We are left with barren trees, short days, and winter weather. Time to shoot inside, right? Hardly. The winter months can be gorgeous, especially when we are graced with freshly fallen snow. Winter landscapes provide beautiful scenery to be captured.(…)

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newborn portrait by Texas photographer Jenni Jones

The gear that turns my vision into reality

There are things you just expect from your gear: that your lenses will focus, that they’ll attain apertures that deliver the impact of depth of field, that they’re tack-sharp — you know, table stakes. But then there’s the intangible, the hard-to-put-your-finger-on-it “thing” – the way your equipment renders an image, the way it handles depth of field, tonality, and light – that makes a camera and lens more desirable than any other.(…)

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girl in the snow wearing a red coat by Kristy Dooley

How to read a histogram: 7 examples for you!

What does the perfect histogram look like?

Like many new photographers, I remember asking this question when I purchased my first DSLR.  That complicated looking diagram flashing on the back of your LCD screen can be confusing and it’s easy to assume there is a correct way it should look.  This is certainly a common misconception as there is no such thing as a “perfect histogram.”(…)

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mom and dad lifting caughter picture by Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel 7

How to create impactful photos with mediocre light

by Lisa Tichané
Sometimes you stumble upon an image on Facebook or on your favorite blog, and the fabulous light in this image stops you in your tracks. A gorgeous golden hour shot, a stunning silhouette, or maybe a low light image with fantastic depth… And you can’t help but think, “Oh how I wish all my images would look like this!!”.

And here comes the dreadful self-doubt, again. Because let’s face it, not all our images look like that. More often(…)

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5 tips for the perfect Holiday card photo by Kristin Dokoza

5 tips for the perfect Holiday card photo

by Kristin Dokoza
You have taken everyone else’s family portraits for Holiday cards, but who are you missing? That’s right, your own family! Here are a few quick and easy tips to hopefully get you motivated, and get your cards sent out in time.
1. Get inspired.
Start looking through the many different photo card styles that are out there. This will help you select the colors for your photos, as well as the background and how many images you may want to(…)

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oranges by Lisa Benemelis

The Word Project: details

Each month, the CMteam is asked to interpret a different word through their own personal images.  It’s been so fun watching the different variations of each word and this months chosen word was ‘Details.’  A word that can be interpreted in so many different ways, and the team were excited to show their different variations of the word.   We think they’ve come up with some really lovely and unique images, and we hope that you enjoy them.

If you’d like to(…)

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Olympic Icon paint

Jo Lien’s favorite things

Lock up your wallets because we’ve got a fun, and tempting, series for you to get to know the CMpros a little better! What better way to learn about them than to ask them what their favorite things are, photography related or not? Next up is Jo Lien sharing what she loves!
jo lien’s favorite things

1. My coffee cup:  It’s big, it has my initial, and it has a flat base so it doesn’t easily spill, which is good because I(…)

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smiling boy picture by Lacey Meyers

Not too Dark, Not too Bright: 3 Steps to Get Exposure Just Right

**This photography tutorial was posted on the ever-growing CM forum; however, we think it’s so rad that we just had to share with you, too**
Like Goldilocks on the hunt for the perfect bed to nap in, we photographers are working to achieve the perfect exposure in our images.  Sometimes they’re too dark, sometimes they’re too bright, but with a few quick tips, you can get your exposures just right!

I help teach the Mastering Manual Exposure photography workshop and wrote(…)

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photo of empty window by Sarah Lalone

To Title, or Not to Title (that is the title)

by Elle Walker
With a formal background in Speech Pathology, and a passion for language in general, I have such a fascination with verbal and non-verbal communication, and the way in which this translates into photography. This relationship is something that I explore with my students in my workshop Fine Art and Visual Expression and lately I have been thinking a lot again about how these concepts relate when giving our work a formal title.
Often when submitting our work to shows(…)

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