father and son playing photograph by amcarlon

laughter: the happiest photos from Clickin Moms members

Who doesn’t love to laugh?  This last month on the Clickin Moms forum, we asked members to share their favorite photos of people laughing.  The talented Katie Woodard was our guest judge and chose the following 20 pictures that were submitted.





















Would you like the opportunity to be featured in next month’s photo share here on the CMblog?  Our next guest judge has asked for your favorite sun filled photos which you can submit here.  Not a member of the forum? (…)

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089 lovingmoments

travel the world through photos in 2 minutes

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, who doesn’t love to travel?!  There’s a beauty in traveling and seeing a new part of this amazing world we live in.  Although I don’t travel much, looking at other’s travel photography always brings a smile to my face as there’s something special about seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.  This last month on the Clickin Moms forum, we asked members to share their favorite photo from their travels with us.  The talented(…)

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d white photo contest winner

black and white photo contest entries

The month of March, members posted images to our monthly contest sponsored by SnapKnot. We were awed by light, conversions and moments captured. Below are our favorite twenty images including the winning image by Candice Zugich (sweetcamerabliss) who won a SnapKnot membership valued at $368. We adored all the entries this month!





















Thank you to everyone who participated in the monthly contest!  Would you like to see the rest of the photos that were entered?  You can do so here.
[button link=”″(…)

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text on photo when making cards by Joanne Rojcewicz

7 things to know about press printed products

by Joanne Rojcewicz
As photographers, we print lots of items for our clients and ourselves. But when they are press printed products, rather than photo prints, the choices can be confusing and overwhelming. I thought I’d share with you some basic tips and things to be aware of when ordering anything from business cards and marketing flyers to holiday cards and birth announcements.


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favorite 2013 photos

favorite 2013 photos

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Clickin Moms forum has the best photographers out there!  We asked them for their favorite photo from 2013 and they blew us away with their images.  As much as we wanted to include them all, there just wasn’t room, but here is a taste of what they shared!

And a huge thank you to Animoto for the incredible slideshow!  Now do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the(…)

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the photography journey of New York street photographer Justine Knight

my photography journey | justine knight

My Photography Journey by Justine Knight
I am going to be completely honest; I am really only at the beginning of my photography journey! Every week I discover more and more that I need to learn, try and master. Actually, this is one of the reasons why I love photography – it is hopefully a never ending journey!

I have always taken photos; I have so many snapshots of friends, family and my many travels. It wasn’t until the Fall of 2011 when(…)

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109 arianaf

mom portraits

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs; it’s a 24 hour position with incredible responsibility.  And here at Clickin Moms, we know how seriously moms take their role.  To all the mothers out there, thank you for the incredible and selfless job you do every single day!  We love you all and what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend than with some beautiful mom photos from CM members?!

Danielle ‘nellie_m':

Kim Gasper ‘Kim':

Fran Dellaporta ‘frandellaporta':

Christine Lambeth ‘laneydo':

Dalayna McKnight ‘layn':


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Cassandra OLeary

my photography journey | cassandra o’leary

My Photography Journey by Cassandra O’Leary
I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to have this opportunity to share my photography journey with you as well as to share my love and appreciation of all things Clickin Moms! I have so much that I want to share that I don’t even know where to begin. So I apologize in advance because I am pretty sure that I am going to ramble and write way too much!

So let’s begin at,(…)

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Liz Labianca

my photography journey | liz labianca

My Photography Journey by Liz Labianca
As I sit here thinking about the last 19 months as a photographer, I am hard pressed to say that there isn’t one thing that I would do differently—and  that is a BIG statement since I pretty much did everything that “the books” say I shouldn’t have.

Photography has always been in my blood; I remember sitting in the middle of my grandmothers bed surrounded by black and white images. But my passion really took hold when(…)

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‘new’ photography

Spring is in the air (well, for some of us it is)!  This delightful season is widely associated with a sense of newness, often symbolizing birth, rebirth, life, growth, and purity.  We asked our awesome Clickin Moms members to show us their favorite images depicting the theme “new”, and today we’re sharing them here with you!  Like springtime, we hope these beautiful photos leave you invigorated and inspired!

Caroline Jensen ‘carolinej':

Jennifer Carr ‘jennifercarr':

Corinne Tristram ‘aussiet':

Eileen Smit ‘EileenSmit':

Courtney Larson ‘inloveness':

Danielle ‘nellie_m':

Anne Wick(…)

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a day in the life with lifestyle hobbyist photographer Heidi Adams

a day in the life | heidi adams

A Day In The Life with Heidi Adams
I am not an over achieving mom. I promise. I just ran out of cereal so…

School time for the older two.

Little bit of park time with the 3 littles before we go to the grocery store.

Grocery time!

The baby’s newest trick.

Off to the office supply store to buy daddy some pocket protectors. Not kidding.

I rarely eat  breakfast or lunch. I usually just grab snacks between the chaos. I am a bit obsessed with these(…)

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a day in the life with digital and film photographer and online workshop intstructor Caroline Jensen

a day in the life | caroline jensen

A Day In The Life with Caroline Jensen
I have to admit that our lives aren’t that interesting anymore. After moving for the military 17 times since 2002 we kind of like boring now. We spend most of the time on our farm where we homeschool, garden and play.
Here is a typical day for the Jensen house! The only thing missing is about three dozen images of me shooting pictures and camping out at the computer catching up at Clickin Moms.


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Jo Clark

iPhoneography tips

Are you enjoying the CM birthday party this week?  The festivities are in full swing everywhere you can find us whether it be the forum, facebook, instagram, or here on the blog!  Do you follow CM on Instagram?  We’re having a party there as well with birthday related CMglimpse prompts and random drawings each day with prizes for those who tag their images with #cmis5!  Head on over and participate but first, read up on these great iPhoneography tips from(…)

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photography forum members favorite workshop photos

favorite workshop photos

Education is a never ending process in the world of photography.  Some choose to read photography books while others visit blogs.  There’s also forums, mentoring, and conventions but one of the most common ways to expand your knowledge is to take a workshop.  Some of our favorite threads in the forum is when someone finishes a workshop and shares the images they took during that time.  Always inspiring!  So, why not share some of those photos with you today?  We(…)

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a day in the life with Scottish photographer Katrina Stewart

a day in the life | kat stewart

A Day In The Life with Kat Stewart
So unless l am being super lazy, l start the day with a quick shower after which l kiss goodbye to any personal time/space until about 7.30pm.

My son is our alarm clock. Thankfully he is a champion sleeper and we are not usually up before 8am (please don’t hate me, if it helps, l seem to need about 9 hours sleep to function like a normal human being). We usually have some playtime(…)

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Jessica Philippo

my photography journey | jessica phillipo

My Photography Journey by Jessica Philippo

I’m Jessica from One July Photography and One July Living.

I’m so excited to share my photography journey with Clickin Moms.  This amazing community gave me my start and has taught me nearly everything I know about photography – from the technical art, to embracing your own style, and taking the leap into this crazy thing called a business.

My story begins like so many others – with a miracle.

The birth of my daughter Penelope was the start(…)

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body language creative photography exercise

creativity exercise: Using Body Language to Create Captivating Photographs

When you think of human expression, to which part of the subject are you drawn? Most people are drawn to the face, specifically the eyes and – to a slightly lesser extent – the mouth. It is in the face that we pick up the most obvious emotional cues – sadness, happiness, anger, boredom, contentment, frustration, intensity. As students of human emotion know, however, true feelings are often conveyed by body language beyond the face. Studying body language can be(…)

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a day in the life with French photographer and CM mentor Anne Wick

a day in the life | anne wick

A Day In The Life with Anne Wick
Today, the day I photographed this, is Saturday. On the weekends, we like to sleep in… as much as our cats and our daughter will let us. This morning, these two came meowing and knocking at our door around 9, which is a reasonable time.

On our way downstairs to get breakfast, we meet the second feline member of the family, just being his cute and fluffy self.

I cannot function before I’ve had my(…)

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Adele Humphries

successful center compositions

By Adele Humphries
Are you a rule-follower?  I am.

I get anxious even bending the rules – social or actual.  So no-one is more surprised than me to see that I have embraced the dreaded center composition in my personal style.  I had always understood this to be a big photography no-no so I avoided it at all costs, believing it to be a lazy, unimaginative and visually less pleasing method of composition.

Then, last Christmas, my husband surprised me with a 35mm(…)

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all about love

Of the many emotions photographers strive to capture with their images, LOVE certainly tops the list.  So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we put a call out on our boards to see our members’ favorite images showcasing love. The inspirational connections, tenderness and sentiments expressed in their submissions simply overwhelm us. Enjoy this sampling of love from the members of Clickin Moms and visit the board to view more beautiful images shared in this thread.

Carly Bingham ‘Carly Bingham':

Amanda Blacksmith(…)

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