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the best stocking stuffers for photographers

Christmas is here and it’s time to start, or finish, your shopping.  Everyone needs to wake up to a little photography goodie in their stocking and we have some great suggestions for you to buy for a friend, yourself, or accidentally forward this on to your loved ones as a hint.  Here are our TOP TEN favorite Stocking Stuffers from the CM Store!!

1.  Vintage Camera Photo Album: Keep your images in this classy little spiral photo album. A perfect addition(…)

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sara seeton | a day in the life part 2

by Sara Seeton
Remember my blog article back in January, talking about how important it is to pick up your camera and capture your everyday lives?  Did you set a goal for yourself?  Did you follow through?  Are you one of those people who have a hard time committing to regularly taking photos of your own family and kids?  Guess what?   No more excuses!  Everyone I know these days carries around a smart phone in their purse or pocket and(…)

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