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4 fresh perspectives on lifestyle newborn photography

You have probably heard many times already that lifestyle newborn photography is THE new way to photograph newborns if you are a modern photographer.

Let’s face it: lifestyle is a trend, and as any new trend it might last… or not. And even if it lasts, it doesn’t mean that the market for other types of newborn photography will disappear. The variety of tastes and styles will remain!

So today I’m not here to explain why lifestyle newborn photography is the IT thing. I’m just trying to offer a new perspective, based on several years of practice, which might convince you to embrace this shooting style just because it feels right for YOU, and not because it’s what the cool girls are doing.

Let’s consider a few things you might not have heard yet about shooting newborns in a lifestyle way:(…)

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8 tips for a one year old session with a non-walking baby

The first birthday of a child is such a special milestone! It’s also an age full of progress, wide smiles and adorable expressions.

However, from a photographer’s perspective, one year olds can be tricky little subjects. They are not the happily-seated baby that they used to be a few months ago, they want to move all the time and are little bundles of energy. Unfortunately, most of them cannot walk on their own yet at 12 months, so you can’t focus this one-year-old session on their first steps.

What are the secrets to a successful session with a non-walking one year old? Here are a few easy tips to capture memorable images.(…)

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5 reasons you should infuse your photography with joy by Lisa Tichane

5 reasons you should infuse your photography with JOY

If there is one thing that makes my heart truly sing, it’s freezing a moment of pure bliss on a photograph.

I’m not talking about a simple smile here, I’m talking about raw, uninhibited, exuberant JOY. Recently, a friend asked me why I was obsessing so much about joy, because as she said “Life is not always joyful” which is perfectly (and sadly) true. The first reason is very selfish: because it nurtures me. Capturing joy makes ME blissfully happy. Spending hours on my computer editing images filled with laughter and carefree moments is the best job I could ever dream of. It makes my heart burst! Secondly, as a family photographer, I want my clients to remember how happy they were together. Even though life is not a succession of blissful moments, joy is a part of it, and I strongly believe that being able to remember how happy life can be sometimes is the best way to reconnect with your inner joy. At least it works for me, powerfully.(…)

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How to create impactful photos with mediocre light

Sometimes you stumble upon an image on Facebook or on your favorite blog, and the fabulous light in this image stops you in your tracks. A gorgeous golden hour shot, a stunning silhouette, or maybe a low light image with fantastic depth… And you can’t help but think, “Oh how I wish all my images would look like this!!”.

And here comes the dreadful self-doubt, again. Because let’s face it, not all our images look like that. More often than not,(…)

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toddler playing peek a boo picture by Lisa Tichane

How Lisa Tichané defines lifestyle photography

During every run of my Capturing Joy workshop, a topic seems to come up repeatedly, “How much should the photographer interfere with what is going on in a lifestyle session? If we are asking our subjects to do something for us, is that cheating? Should we catch joy when it happens organically, or is it okay to make it happen?”

To me, these questions all come down to how we define “lifestyle photography”.

I’m not pretentious enough to declare that I have(…)

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Workshop Preview: capturing joy

Workshop Preview: capturing joy

Do you want to capture children and family images filled with true smiles and carefree laughter?

Would you like to learn how to enhance the emotion perceived in your images to make them memorable and strong?

Would you feel happy if people smiled irresistibly when looking at your work?

If the answer is YES, then the Capturing Joy photography workshop by Lisa Tichané is the class you need!

In this workshop, you will learn how to embrace joy in lifestyle family photography. Whether you(…)

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photo of dad and kids playing by Lisa Tichane

5 ways to save your photos from disappearing forever

A few months ago I was attending a dinner and the conversation came to a sad story about one of the guest’s relatives whose house had recently burnt. We all agreed about the fact that even if the most important thing was that nobody was hurt, it would be pretty traumatic to lose some of our most precious belongings. Suddenly, one of the guests asked us: “If you had two minutes to save something in your house before it got(…)

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capturing joy online photography workshop by Lisa Tichane

Capturing Joy: a photography workshop recap

When I created the Capturing Joy photography workshop, I was expecting it to be a joyful experience in itself. Of course we were going to work (sometimes hard!) on how to make these authentic happy pictures happen, but the very first goal of this workshop was to reconnect to our inner joy, in order to ooze happiness so irresistibly that our subjects simply couldn’t resist.

I was both exicted and scared when the first run started – excited to spend 4(…)

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3 tips to capture joyful children and family images by Lisa Tichane

3 tips to capturing joyful photos

Some might say that I’m obsessed with photographing joy and laughter, and this is probably true. I guess every photographer has a topic that he or she can photograph over and over again without ever getting tired of it. This is how I feel about laughter and carefreeness. Capturing joy feeds my soul, and makes me a happier person.

This is probably why I’ve become a children’s photographer in the first place; there is something about kids’ giggles and belly laughs(…)

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boys jumping on bed photo by Lisa Tichane

10 simple tips for photographing your child jumping on the bed

Whether in my personal or client images, there is nothing I enjoy more than capturing happy, funny, true-to-life moments. And one of my favorite trick to get big smiles and belly laughs during a kids photo shoot is definitely the jumping-on-the-bed one.

Let’s be honest: I actually love to jump on beds. I know, I’m 37, it should be a habit from the past, but hey… it’s fun. So if I’m breaking the rule myself, I cannot possibly forbid my boys to do it, right? But on the other hand, you cannot let a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old jump on beds all day long. So I created a ‘Momtographer’ rule for my house: kids are allowed to jump on the bed ONLY when Mom is taking pictures. It’s the perfect win-win situation; they are happy to be in front of the camera and I get images that I love. I dare you to try it!(…)

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personal photo project: war on seriousness

Personal Photography Project of Lisa Tichané

war on seriousness

What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?
I’m a fairly cheeky girl – on good days. But as everybody else, I also have bad days, moments when I see life through dark glasses, and on those days I tend to take everything a little bit too seriously. And I hate myself when it happens. A few years ago during one of those days, I stumbled upon a picture of my(…)

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how to take photos of kids jumping on the bed by Lisa Tichane

5 ways to rock your toddler session

If you read photography forums, you are probably aware that toddlers are supposed to be a photographers nightmare. They don’t listen to instructions, move all the time, run away from you whenever they can, drive their parents crazy, throw your props away and will probably hate all of the brilliant ideas that you had carefully prepared when you planned the shoot. I have to admit that every single thing in this list is true (and can be even worse in real life).(…)

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How to create starbursts in your photos

I discovered the magic of the starburst early on in my journey. It was one of my many “aha”, and being lucky to live in a very sunny part of the world, I have had many opportunities to play with it ever since.

How does it work?
The starburst effect is created by light diffraction. Even if you’re not a physicist, you can understand the mechanics behind it: when light meets an obstacle (in photography: the edges of the hole created by(…)

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using back button focus tutorial

How to use back button focusing

If you are an active member of the Clickin Moms photography forum, you have probably heard of it several times. When members are asked what their major AHA moment was, Back Button Focusing is often on top of the list. It was definitely one of my very own major light-bulb moment when I discovered it.
So what is back button focusing?
It’s a very simple thing that might change the clarity of your images forever.

When you auto-focus with your DSLR default settings,(…)

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Blogging and SEO: the secret power of long tail

When I decided to work seriously on my SEO, I did some research and decided that my goal was to rank as high as possible as “child photographer” and “baby photographer” in my area. I worked on a few other key words such as “family photographer” and “newborn photographer” as well.  After many months of working on it and blogging regularly, I was proud to show up on Google’s first page for these expressions but a few of my competitors(…)

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Top 20 business tips from the CM newsletter

It’s Summer! Can you feel the energy in the air? It’s the perfect moment to think about how to take your photography business to the next level!  Every week, the CM Post brings to its readers – amongst other amazing information – one simple but powerful business tip to speed up their success. Here is a selection of our favorite ones from the past few months.

*image by April Nienhuis
General Business Tips

1. Keep in mind that you and your local competition(…)

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what to pack in your camera bag when going to a photography conference by Lisa Tichane

a peek inside | lisa tichane

A Peek Inside with Lisa Tichane

1. Photojojo SLR Camera bag (not sold anymore but this bag is almost identical).  I feel ashamed to show it because it’s not anything to be really proud about, but this bag says a lot about me. I am so not a girly girl, I like simple things, so when choosing a camera bag practicality is always my 1st concern. But I also like bright, fun colors, so this bag was made for me (even(…)

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6 tips for photographing children with siblins

6 tips for photographing newborns with siblings

When it comes to photographing newborns, my heart definitely goes to natural, unposed images. So I am always thrilled when a client contacts me for a newborn shoot and mentions that there will be siblings involved as capturing interaction and emotion is my  absolute favorite thing.
But a session photographing a brand new big brother or sister comes with its own set of challenges so you need to be well prepared.
Here are some tips that really help me make these sessions(…)

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lightroom presets

Playing With Paparazzi Presets

When it comes to post-processing, I used to pride myself on NOT using actions or presets.
I love to control my editing process and you can’t control what you don’t understand, so I learnt how to achieve the looks I want all by myself. And I am glad I did.
But one day I volunteered to be a tester for the CM Paparazzi Presets, the second edition with 15 presets and I was hooked!!!
Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that a(…)

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